New life Jenetta

The shipyard Robbe and Berking restored historic 12-metre yacht Jenetta 1939 construction – coming soon historic ship back to the start line sailing regattas, adding to a fleet of 12 metroview in the Baltic.

A story began Jenetta: the yacht was built for businessman William Burton shipyard in Scotland. William Burton, grown rich on sugar, was an avid fan of sailing regattas. After the America’s Cup, which was held at that time on a giant yacht class J, Burton returned to “meter” boats. His first 12 Mitrovic was built in 1924, and “Ginetta” became his fourth yacht of this class.

However, Burton was little opportunity to enjoy the performance of this boat in the competition: first, his age was already noticeable in the year of launch, “Janetty” in the water he was 75 years old. Second, the 1939 season ended too early due to the outbreak of the war. But the “Jenetta” was the only boat that year, which was able to defeat Vim, invincible yacht of the season.

After the owner’s death in 1942, “Jenetta” arrived in Canada (probably in the 1950-ies). What happened in subsequent decades with the boat, it is impossible to know for sure. In any case, since 1985, she was standing on the pitt lake before being drowned by Christmas 2008.

And now Flensburger shipyard Robbe & Berking restored the ship by his original drawings. The shipyard owner Oliver Berking about ten years ago found “Jenette” on pitt lake near Vancouver, Canada, where she was anchored. He decided to buy a boat. But while he was negotiating to buy, she sank. As a result of unsuccessful work on saving next year, and the already badly damaged building was damaged even more, so the shipyard Berking had no other choice but to totally rebuild the “Jenetta”.

But again could be used with only the lead keel and some fittings. Wood paneling and steel frames have rotted away completely. New was created in accordance with the original drawings of Scottish yacht designer Alfred Milne. Flensburg shipbuilders have benefited from these drawings, as the company Mylne Classic Yacht Design still exists. And soon the boat will leave the shipyard and perhaps again fight with his old enemy.

When the length of 21.7 meters “Jenetta” – the longest ever built 12-metroview and, therefore, one of the fastest. The first formula for measuring the 12-metre class was established in 1907 and then modified twice. Jenetta built a third version of the rules of the 12mR class. (Note that the Creator of “Janetty” Alfred Milne was one of the authors of the original formula measurement of the 12-meter class.)

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