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The international Association of class Laser (ILCA) has stopped cooperation with the largest manufacturer of yachts in this class – a company Laser Performance (Europe) Limited and is urgently seeking someone to replace her.

This decision was taken due to the fact that the company refused to allow its inspectors from the International shipyard Association. Thereby been violated the terms of the agreement with ILCA, which have provided the identity of the ships of the class “Laser”.

In ILCA emphasize that it is extremely concerned about the situation. Make the decision on the termination of long-term cooperation with Laser Performance (Europe) Limited, yachts which were so popular with sailors in Europe, Asia and America, was not easy. But the International Association is simply not there.

ILCA continues cooperation with the other two producers of “Lasers” in Japan and Australia. At the same time begun searching for a European company, which could be the new official partner of the Association.

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