Near Washington moored wooden boat with travelers from Petrozavodsk

The family of Sergei Sinelnik crossed the Atlantic by boat and arrived in Washington. Guys have gone from Petrozavodsk to Washington, DC – more than 9 thousand nautical miles.

In the United States in these days of heightened interest in Russian history. In moored wooden boat, replica of those that were in the XVIII century. The team traveling from Petrozavodsk, the whole family went on a circumnavigation under sail and crossed the Atlantic.

The arrival of such a vessel caused a real stir. Moreover, on Board a small but very informative Museum.

For these Teens every day starts with nagrywania deck. When your father is a traveler, but a means of transportation – a wooden boat, no time to relax.

“It’s a separate philosophy – walking on wooden boats, especially on replicas. This is a special spirit,” said traveler Sergei Sinelnik.

The ship was built according to the drawings of the XVIII century, miraculously preserved in the monastery on the Solovetsky Islands. 13 meters in length and four in width. Two years ago Sergey together with his wife and sons, started in Petrozavodsk. Skirted Europe, Northwest Africa, crossed the Atlantic ocean, and now they are in America.

Here, just like three centuries ago: no electronics and automation. The exception is solar panels, they were removed from his balloon and gave Fedor Konyukhov. Miss the crew once, every pair of hands counts. In General, it would seem that women do not matter. But Marina Sinelnik does not agree: “I always tell him: stay home! But do not tie the handcuffs to the battery”. Then she gathered her things, wrote of children in the online school is when all the training is online, and the whole family went on a boat around the world.

Homesickness is when even lessons during the rare stops in joy. However, focus is not easy, because on the boat so many guests. People come here in droves as a Museum. Sergey from captain becomes the guide and tells about her dream: “we Have a dream in Russia to build on the pier on a small pontoon a beautiful tower, and next to it a ship, this Museum of our explorers, seafarers.”

And yet in America right on the boat guests looking at small models of ancient ships. They are so amazing.

For Sergey Sinelnik this is not the first trip. He loves to challenge himself and to his family: together with his brother drove deserts of the world on a motorcycle, and then another passed Sahara on foot. Conquered the sea and mountain tops. Sailing on a boat – his way of trying to slow modern and too fast world.

“Now we have everything: cars, for your life, and mobile phones, and all somewhere in a hurry, run and don’t have time”, – says Sergey Sinelnik.

His philosophy is to value every minute. Perhaps, therefore, not chasing records. Family Sinelnikov does not know how long it will last them swimming. But at all does not regret that he decided.

Julia Olkhovskaya, 1 channel

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