Near Washington a wooden boat moored with travelers from Petrozavodsk


      Near Washington a wooden boat moored with travelers from Petrozavodsk

The family of Sergei Sinelnik crossed the Atlantic in the boat and arrived in Washington. The guys went from Petrozavodsk to Washington – more than 9 thousand nautical miles.

Near Washington a wooden boat moored with travelers from Petrozavodsk

In the USA these days there is an increased interest in Russian history. A wooden boat moored at the port, an exact copy of those that were in the 18th century. The team – travelers from Petrozavodsk, the whole family went around the world and crossed the Atlantic under sails.

The arrival of such a ship caused a real stir. Moreover, there is a small but very informative museum on board.

For these teens, every day begins with deck building. When your father is a traveler and the vehicle is a wooden boat, there is no time to relax.

“This is a separate philosophy – to go on wooden boats, especially on cues. This is a special spirit, ”said traveler Sergei Sinelnik.

The ship was built according to the drawings of the XVIII century, miraculously preserved in a monastery on the Solovetsky Islands. 13 meters long and only four wide. Two years ago, Sergey and his wife and sons started in Petrozavodsk. They circled Europe, northwestern Africa, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, and now they are in America.

Here everything is like three centuries ago: no electronics and automation. The exception is solar panels, they were removed from his balloon and presented by Fedor Konyukhov. There is no time for the crew to miss, each pair of hands counts. In general, it would seem that this is not a female matter. But Marina Sinelnik does not agree with this: “Yes, I always told him: stay at home! But you cannot handcuff the battery. ” Then she packed up, enrolled the children in an online school, this is when all the training is online, and the whole family went on a boat around the world.

Longing for homeland is when even lessons during rare camps are a joy. However, focusing is not easy, because there are so many guests on the boat. They come here in whole groups as if in a museum. Sergey from a captain turns into a guide and talks about his dream: “We have a long-standing dream, in Russia to build a beautiful tower on the pier, on a small pontoon, and next to it is a ship, such a museum of our discoverers, sailors.”

In the meantime, in America, right on the boat, guests are looking with interest at the small models of old Russian ships. So much is surprising for them.

For Sergey Sinelnik this is far from the first trip. He likes to challenge himself and his family: he and his brother drove all the deserts of the world on a motorcycle, and then he walked the Sahara. He conquered the seas, mountain peaks. Rooking is his way of trying to slow down the modern world too fast.

“Now we have everything: cars, and all living conditions, and mobile phones, and everyone is in a hurry, running and not having time,” said Sergey Sinelnik.

His philosophy is to appreciate every minute. Perhaps that is why he does not pursue records. The Sinelnikov family does not know how long their voyage will last. But he does not regret at all that he decided on it.

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