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The international project Timmerman Yachts, which got its name in 2004, but de facto started in 2001, is the first yacht builder of the XXI century. Instead of long-standing traditions and experience of generations, it seethes with young blood and gushes with innovative ideas. However, the traditions of the Russian fleet have not disappeared anywhere either, because the main partner of the project and its main production site, the Moscow Shipyard, has been operating since 1936. The scale of the plant, erected in the Nagatinsky backwater during the years of the shock Stalinist five-year plans, made it possible to establish a unique yacht production. The very location of the shipyard, a 10-minute drive from the center of one of the largest European capitals, has no analogues in the world.

For all the rich and glorious history of the ISSY Timmerman 45 – the flagship yacht of the project – is a real child of globalization. Combining the best creative forces of the leading European shipbuilding powers, in its “fifth column” it contains a bold dash. In fact, this is a modern Dutch yacht built in Moscow. Welcome to a new era of the industry, when the geographical origin of the yacht no longer matters, it is much more important now – who built this or that boat.

The international team working on the Timmerman 45 is truly stellar. So, the yacht project was developed by the Vripack design bureau from Holland. It is the leading independent superyacht design company with nearly half a century of experience and over 200 completed projects. Its employees have defended dozens of theses and published many scientific papers on naval architecture – “naval architecture”.

Vripack’s designers have given the Timmerman 45 a distinct personality. Powerful yet flowing stern lines and distinctive vertical glass in the wheelhouse give the boat the manhood of a true explorer, while a graceful radar arch and a swift load-bearing arc that frames the superstructure from the main deck to the sun deck add a 100% yacht visual accent.

The most interesting solutions are embedded in the project itself and at first glance are almost invisible. Thanks to their vast experience, Vripack’s designers have been able to design a case with ideal performance. This affects literally everything – both on the stability indicators of the vessel, and on its stability during pitching, and on an impressive range (more than 4000 nautical miles). Caterpillar 3412 720 hp engines each, which are installed on the T45, are the most optimal for this displacement hull and allow to “squeeze” out of it the maximum 13-14 knots possible for this type of vessel. At the request of one customer, Vripack performed special calculations that showed that doubling the engine power would increase the ship’s maximum speed by just one knot.

All Timmerman yachts are distinguished by the fact that they are designed for almost all weather conditions and do not have any restrictions on the sailing area. Timmerman 45 is no exception, on the contrary, the headliner of this conceptual approach. So, the thickness of the steel of her hull was specially increased to 8 mm so that the yacht could sail in broken ice. The ship class assigned by Det Norske Veritas officially permits this. Triple thermal-saving glazing and air conditioning system, designed by the famous Dutch company Heinen & Hopman, allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the ship, even if outside is -20 ° C.

Another feature of all Timmerman yachts is the large interior volumes and optimal use of the yacht’s living space. The Timmerman 45 yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests in six cabins, however, there can be five, and instead of the sixth, at the request of the owner, you can arrange a fireplace room. The spacious glass-roofed garage can accommodate either a six-meter tender or a two-seater ResortSub mini-sub and a Land Rover SUV. There is also a sauna, a must-have item in the specification for any Russian yachtsman. The sun deck is so spacious that, if desired, a five-seater helicopter can land here for a short time.

Stylish interiors are a merit of Bannenberg Designs, where the work of the famous John Bannenberg, who actually created all modern yacht design and personally raised almost all of today’s leading industry designers, is successfully continued by his son Dicky. Bannenberg Designs has developed a modern, lightweight and flexible design especially for Timmerman 45. Changing materials, lamps and so-called loose furniture (ie typesetting furniture), you can achieve a variety of effects, from the official and pretentious Embassy to the “sloppy” Beach House.

The first ship of the Timmerman 45 project is already on the slipway of the Moscow shipyard with a completely finished hull. The shipyard employees started priming the interior and puttying the outer surfaces. The next step is the so-called piping, i.e. installation of pipe communications and installation of ship systems. In the interior workshop, the mock-up “ribs” of the hull begin to overgrow with the living interior of the boat, which is then simply transferred into the “shell” of the finished vessel. The launch of the yacht is scheduled for April 2007.

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