Mirage superyacht invisible

Can the 106-metre vessel with a volume of premises 4200 BRT just disappear into thin air? Designers Peter van Gest (Pieter van Geest) and TTracy-Jane , Kanawaga (Tracey-Jayne Canavaggio) sure can. They claim that they have developed superyacht Mirage becomes absolutely invisible to the eye from a distance of 50 metres. Note that from the radar while the ship does not disappear.

The effect of invisibility is achieved through the use on all vertical panels of colored mirrored glass, which refracts the light and thus creates the illusion of disappearance.

The same material is used everywhere inside the boat as a surfacing material for columns and walls. If the outside reflective glass Mirage hides from prying eyes, on the inside it creates a feeling that you are “floating in the air”, say the designers.

The development of the project presented at the exhibition in Monaco, the Dutch Studio Van Geest Design has gone. “Most took the study of reflective glass, that may be produced”, — says Peter van Gest. Like the glass had never been used in the superyacht industry. In the end, was found by a German company, capable of implementing the intentions of the designers. According to the calculations of van gest, the construction of “disappearing yacht”, which is ready to take Italian shipyard Fincantieri, will take another three and a half years.

Shestopalova Mirage can accommodate 14 guests and 29 crew members. On the upper deck is arranged a helipad, a Jacuzzi and a cinema. Cabin passengers located on the main deck, the owner of a separate deck with a “family salon”. At the level of the water, a large SPA centre, which is right across the engine room leads to the glass corridor.

Two diesel engines at 3440 kW Mirage provide a maximum speed of 19 knots. At 14 knots the yacht has a transatlantic range of 5,500 miles.

Studio Van Geest Design, known for his bold concepts. So, in 2016 she, along with the shipyard Oceanco presented shimmering like a jewel, a 90-meter Moonstone.

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