Minus Malta

Rumors, about which we wrote yesterday, confirmed: the Royal yacht club Malta informed the organizers of the 36th of the Cup “America” that team Malta Altus Challenge ceases to exist.

The initiative group headed by businessman Pascal Cataldi, and failed to raise enough money to implement the program Altus Malta Challenge. The promises of the government of Malta to fully support the project – especially financially – and just words. According to foreign publications, none of those last nine months working on the creation of the team, still not received a penny.

Recall that Malta Altus Challenge was one of three teams applying for participation in the 36th Cup of “America” at the last moment. In connection with the rumors that after the Maltese of its withdrawal from the project can declare DutchSail Dutch and American Stars & Stripes Team USA, new Zealand organizers of the lottery demanded that the leadership of these teams to confirm their continued participation or non-participation until July 1 of this year.

Four teams have guaranteed their participation: it is the defender of the Cup, Team New Zealand, note the Italian Challenger Luna Rossa, American Magic from SSLA and British INEOS Team UK.

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