Mini-Transat: behind a sharp turn

Five days spent in the sea the participants of the regatta Mini Transat 2019. On the eve of the main part of the fleet have successfully completed the race crossing the Bay of Biscay, and, turning to the South, were in the wind of the Atlantic. By Thursday morning boats were already more than half the distance from La Rochelle to Las Palmas (Gran Canaria).

Cape Finisterre was left behind for almost all riders with a few exceptions: Jean-Baptiste Ternon and Joe Lacey returned to the race after a pit stop and still go along the North coast of Spain; remains in the workshop in La Coruna Jonathan Chodkiewicz; slowly Wade to the South, but has not yet reached the point named Ian Blondel. Another participant in the regatta, David Kremer, due to damage on the boat were forced to go to the shore and overcoats in Baiona (Spain).

But for Czech singles players Paul Ruban race, unfortunately, ended. Race organisers and friends of the yachtsman had pretty worried after late in the evening on Wednesday, he activated the emergency beacon. In the middle of the night a coast guard helicopter lifted Paul aboard the distressed yacht. As it turned out, in the dark, the boat collided with an unknown object, which turned out to be the broken transom and the boat started to take water. Rescuers brought Pavel Ruban in Lisbon (Portugal), where he underwent a medical examination.

Thus, in the race continue to participate 86 athletes. Recall that the rules of the Mini-Transat allow temporary withdrawal from the race for repairs, but to resort to outside help it is impossible.

To say that the fleet is close together, now it is hardly possible – of the yacht stretched at a distance for a good 300 miles. The leaders of the race have already reached the 36 th parallel and now go with a good wind, developing a speed of 11-12 knots. They, with high probability, will compete for prizes on stage, because the road to the Canary Islands is now open and not fraught with surprises, and the North-East wind promises to be steady to the finish and maybe “sour” only at the very end of the road.

Higher race, where you are now, and our sailors, the wind is not as bright as in the head of the fleet, but it allows the athletes to move with a speed of 8-10 knots. As at 11.00 (GMT) Irina Gracheva was the 28th, its backlog from the leader of the serial division, Ambrogio Beccaria, was about 150 miles. Fyodor Druzhinin, who plays in the division “proto”, held on 12-m a place. Running in the first place françois Gamba ahead of him at 160 miles.

The position of participants in the group of leaders on the morning of 10 October:

Division yachts “proto”:

1. Francois Gambo (480 miles to the finish)

2. Axel Treen (520 miles)

3. Tonga of Bouroullec (525 miles)

4. Marie Gendron (527 miles)

5. Erwan Lumen (541 mil)

Division serial yacht:

1. Ambrogio Beccaria (528 miles to the finish)

2. Julien Leticia (536 miles)

3. Guillaume of Lost (545 miles)

4. Felix de Navacelles (546 miles)

5. Matthew Vincent (567 miles)

Andrei Petrov

Part of Irina Gracheva in the Mini-Transat is supported by the companies of NORD consulting, Griffon, Ullman Sails, Fordewind-Regatta, Gill, A. P. I. Marine, Sail Ropes, NAVTEAM, WISTA Russia, “Alfa insurance”, Aquapac, “Mobile century”, Nautix, MX6, Lyophilise & Co.

Sponsorship Irina provides Path Yachting Foundation.

The progress of the race online can track on the website of Mini Transat –

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