Mega yacht with a cave and a living garden from Hareide Design

Being a billionaire, with each new realized dream is becoming increasingly difficult to decide where to spend the money. After the garage with sport cars and of the air group of private aircraft, generally follow the mega-yachts. However, if you can afford absolutely any ship, then — what? Alternatively, it is possible to look at a fresh concept from Norwegian Studio Hareide Design, headed by Einar Hareide, a former chief designer of the Swedish automotive company SAAB.

For the very unusual architecture of this 108-metre mega-yacht has been nicknamed the “multi-millions of floating rocks.” In addition to the add-in the cavernous, feed this yacht is submerged in water and is similar to a coastline. It is nice on a hot day, his feet dipping into the ocean, and here you are still a full beach club with loungers and a bar.

But if suddenly in the middle of the Atlantic, you want to feel feet fresh grass, the deck above for a real garden with lawn and there is also a 20-metre pool, simulating the pond.

By the way, mega-yachts there is a second pool is triangular in shape, situated right on the nose. Remember that famous scene from “Titanic”? On Board this yacht to imagine yourself flying over water is that being wet, in swimming trunks and bathing suit.

Another feature of the concept, which itself is striking raised observation deck with glass walls. Here to you and a living and dining room is a perfect place to stay, negotiations and even loud parties. Only a height was not afraid Yes, remember about safety.

The roof of the observation deck cover 300 square meters of solar panels that feed a set of lithium-ion batteries, hidden on the lower deck. On batteries the yacht can at a slow speed to carry out the cruises in the coastal zone, but for access to the open sea should be involved in its diesel-electric installation.

Hareide Design emphasize their mega yacht is not just a beautiful fantasy, and worked on the project, ready for implementation. It remains only to find the customer and the shipyard that will undertake the construction.

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