Mega yacht La Belle for women

You probably couldn’t even think that in the world of yachting, there is the question: why all yachts are designed exclusively for owners of male? Lidia Bersani (Lidia Bersani), who heads the Studio, Lidia Bersani Luxury Design in Monaco, believes that it is not only interesting topic but also a real problem. According to the designer, if a powerful woman wants to build himself a ship, it should not choose from the “toys” created for boaters-men.

To fill this unfortunate gap in the yacht market, Bersani has proposed a draft mega-yachts, which are exclusively female audience. This boat must be ultra-luxurious, graceful, shining in the sun by the whiteness of its shell and gilding. The interior must be gold mosaics, mother of pearl, gemstones, Swarovski crystals, onyx, fur, flowers, and luxurious furniture from valuable wood species.

The architecture of the ship must be so big to accommodate a large group, as well as Spa, Jacuzzi, small fitness club, a library, a beauty salon, a disco, a cinema, a few shops and bars. For this reason, its 80-foot mega-yacht “La Belle” Lidia Bersani has proposed five working decks. On Board features six luxurious cabins to accommodate 12 passengers. Cabin owner occupies most of the upper deck, is decorated in decadent style, with a large round king-size four-poster bed and has a private terrace.

The cost of the mega-yacht designer is not specified.


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