Mecca sails vote for Golden Globe Race


      Mecca sails vote for Golden Globe Race
      The authorities of Mecca of the French sail, Le Sables d’Olon, in the department of Vendée, unanimously voted for the round-the-world Golden Globe Race to return to their city in 2022, as in 2018.

Mecca sails vote for Golden Globe Race

By the decision of the City Council of Les Sables d’Olon, the project’s financing in 2022 will be significantly expanded. Moreover, the council supported GGR races also in 2026 and 2030.

As the head of the Golden Globe Race organizing committee Don McIntyre emphasized, he cannot but be glad that the authorities of Le Sables d’Alonn saw considerable marketing opportunities in the retro race Golden Globe Race. This means that his child is guaranteed a long life.

It is already known that 22 people are planning to take part in the next GGR, which starts on September 4, 2022 – Austrian, 5 Australians, Canadian, 2 French, Irish, Italian, New Zealander, Norwegian, 7 British and two Americans.

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