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The Principality of Monaco is not only famous casinos, nightlife and the venue is the most important stage of the Grand Prix of Formula 1. The economy of the Principality stands on three pillars: Finance, entertainment and, of course, yachts. It is not surprising that in the territory of one of the smallest countries in the world concentration of luxury is simply space. At the Monaco Yacht Show (this year it runs from 26th to 29th of September) is going to very wealthy and sophisticated audience on the planet, knows a lot about pleasure. So, what can you find on this truly is the Golden area of two square kilometers?


For yacht of the audience the epicenter of the Principality is not a casino but the most coveted yacht club in the world. It was founded in 1953 and today it has about 2,000 members from 66 countries. The new building of the yacht club, built a few years ago, very reminiscent of a yacht and the concept and size: 200 metres long and six “decks”. Although it is a “city within a city”: here you can find everything, including what you do not expect.

Wine Palace Monte Carlo

This place surely even Bacchus would have fallen in a swoon from envy. The terrace Wine Palace Monte Carlo, located directly at the Yacht Club de Monaco, offers stunning views of the port. No less luxurious views expect inside: here is a collection of more than 2,300 wines and spirits in the incredible scenery. Of course, all are carefully selected on criteria of quality, rarity and reputation of the manufacturer. The business is designed primarily for the yachting public: Wine Palace Monte Carlo — the most important supplier of wines on yachts, and they do not have to stand directly in the port Hercule. Along the coast from Genoa (Italy) to Toulon (France) — the order will take on Board for free, even if the yacht is at sea.

The “Golden circle”

Located opposite the casino of the famous “Golden circle” — the focus of the most luxurious shopping in the world: high-fashion boutiques, jewelry stores and antique shops. It is recommended not to rush, but rather slowly work around it.

  • The vintage car collection of the Prince of Monaco


Many regions of the world are renowned for their gastronomy, but in Monaco I prefer to operate with facts, rather stars. And, of course, from the finest restaurants is required to have a terrace with views.

Le Louis XV — Alain Ducasse

Restaurant Alain Ducasse at the Hôtel de Paris is a three Michelin stars and a unique culinary experience, inspired by generous and elegant Riviera. Card of the dishes created by chef Dominique Lory and by Alain Ducasse, embodies the essence of French culinary art, expressed primarily in traditional precision and clarity of flavors.

Joël Robuchon — Monte Carlo

In the restaurant of the hotel Métropole, with its open kitchen, preference is given to original and delicious gastronomy. Here, in the “theatrical” interior with columns and draperies, works wonders chef Christophe Cussac, Cantal, of which joël Robuchon has chosen the Ambassador of the culinary art. The accuracy of this choice is confirmed by two-star Michelin.

Le Vistamar

Located in the Hôtel Hermitage, this restaurant specializes in fish and vegetables, has one Michelin star. The modern interior was designed by designer Pierre-Yves Rochon, and the kitchen creates Mediterranean masterpieces of chef Benoit WITZ.

Restaurants marked with “just” one coveted star in Monaco a lot. This is another roborovski Yoshi in Hôtel Métropole (exclusive Japanese dishes), and Le Blue bay (Mediterranean cuisine with a Caribbean accent), and Elsa (high gastronomy on the basis of seasonal, local organic products). Not to mention the many “just” a very worthy places, such as, for example, Japanese-Thai Maya Bay.


In Monaco hardly come for a quiet family holiday. Night in the Principality sleeping except the locals.


Jimmy’z Monte Carlo

Welcome to one of the most prestigious and legendary clubs where famous DJs and served the best champagne in the world. For over 40 years Jimmy’z — the meeting place of stars of show business, and jetsetter.

La Rascasse

Here there are two atmospheres: “after their work” after work (16:00-23:00) with live DJ, live acoustic music and snacks and “radical incendiary” (23:00-05:00).

Sass Café Club

Opened in 1993, club Sass Café opens its doors every evening at 20:00. The restaurant (open until 23:30 in winter and until 00:30 in summer) and offers Mediterranean cuisine, and from 23:00 until morning the power into the hands of DJs and musicians.


Tired of the abundance of yachts at the Monaco Yacht Show and the party noise, you can indulge in a more contemplative recreation. Rosary behalf of Princess grace and exotic garden with a huge grotto (on the border of France and Monaco) are among the most famous attractions of the Principality. But there are many other parks and gardens, in particular the Park Princess Antoinette, a Japanese garden, the Saint Martin gardens, small garden Africa, garden Bulengrin and landscaped gardens UNESCO on the terraces, Fovea.
Many people believe that to bathe in Monaco simply nowhere, but it is not so. The most obvious place — the Larvotto beach length of 400 m in two small coves, located along the Avenue Princess grace. There are many restaurants, a kids club and a Playground for beach volleyball.

In Monaco there are two locations for swimming. At the foot of the cliffs of Les Rochers hides a small, hidden from prying eyes “Bay fishermen” Scream-de-Pesher. The beach is rocky, but cozy and not too crowded. Come to see the big waves. But beware: in a severe storm to be here is dangerous and the beach access is closed.

Another pretty original place for swimming — Solarium — equipped beach dam close to port Hercule. On this beach there are no surveillance and security reasons it is forbidden to swim in a storm. Close to Monaco, in a westerly direction, are several beautiful beaches in cap d’ail, in particular — is Small. And in Italy you are waiting for the wild beaches of Roquebrune-cap-Martin.


Compact the territory of Monaco is just made for Hiking, and all roads lead to the square in front of the princely Palace of the XVI century, where every day at 11:55 you can watch the changing of the guard. Another treasure — the Oceanographic Museum Avenue Saint-Martin, the Director of which for many years was the legendary ocean Explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau. The Museum has one of the world’s richest collections of living corals, among which swim with tropical fishes and hammerheads.

Monaco is full of museums and exhibitions — permanent and temporary. From this abundance should definitely come see the show, the Maritime Museum and the vintage car collection of His serene Highness the Prince of Monaco: about hundreds of illustrious instances, from the De Dion Bouton 1903 to the Lamborghini Countach 1986.

  • The road of sculptures in the Fontvieille: it posted about 100 works of modern art

The heart of the vibrant mini-States — districts of La Condamine and Moretti: traditional fair, Villa of the last century and centuries-old olive trees. And yet Monaco is a modern city that has managed to win back the sea a vast territory. Be sure to visit the district of Fontvieille, built literally on the water. Here is the famous Road of the sculptures, along which collected about one hundred works of modern art. And by taking a helicopter tour, you will see Monaco and the Cote d’azur in the most advantageous angles.

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