MACIF is three days behind


      MACIF is three days behind
      The second winner of the Brest Atlantiques maxi-trimarans marathon race was the MACIF crew – skippers Francois Gabard (center – in the picture) and Gwenole Gaine (right), as well as team reporter Jeremy Elua.

MACIF is three days behind

This morning, MACIF finished in Brest, having spent 14,400 nautical miles (actually 17,890 miles) covering a theoretical distance of 31 days, 20 hours, 43 minutes and 50 seconds.

The first to Brest, ahead of MACIF by 2 days, 21 hours, 19 minutes and 4 seconds, was Maxi Edmond de Rothschild (skippers Frank Kamma / Charles Codrelier and reporter Yann Riu).

The third – and last – in Brest, Actual Leader (Yves le Bleve / Alex Pella, as well as Ronan Gladou) will finish in a few hours.

Recall that the fourth participant in Brest Atlantiques – the trimaran Sodebo Ultim 3 – stopped the race in Cape Town.

P.S. Finally, Actual Leader also finished – with the result of 32 days, 01 hours and 29 minutes. The Brest Atlantiques race has thus come to an end. Thanks to the participants, it was interesting!

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