Looks like the smallest life jacket in the world?

PLOOTA: looks Like the smallest life jacket in the world?


Regardless of your experience as a swimmer, water is always a source of risk. This risk increases significantly if nearby are no lifeguards. In open water the visibility is often poor, therefore, crucial to the possibility of a quick response.

PLOOTA is a new German security device, controlled by a sensor, which is worn around your neck. Being both compact and reusable, in contrast to the majority of lifejackets, c PLOOTA can be under water. With this vest you can swim, diving, including deep diving, the device can be running when you need to return to the surface, both automatically and manually.

In terms of size, PLOOTA 50 times less than usual a life vest on the basis of foam. Another great feature is that the device is extremely light, weighs only 280 grams and allows you to enjoy water sports of high intensity.



Built-in sensor technology detects the emergency situation in the water, and when your head is submerged for more than 30 seconds, the system operates. When PLOOTA inflated, reusable CO2 cartridges in the front, filled with carbon from two bags on the sides above the shoulders, lifting you up to the surface of the water. Contained CO2 cartridges and floating pillows can provide you with security for more than 6 hours.

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PLOOTA is the smallest life jacket in the world
PLOOTA is the smallest life jacket in the world


PLOOTA suitable for any height and weight, and is available in three sizes depending on the circumference of the neck. With inflated pillows PLOOTA, only the head will be on the surface of the water. Also, the device provides you sufficient buoyancy to keep the head and airway above water surface.

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The device can be used children aged 2 years, unlike most other rescue vests. However, at this age, children may not understand the operation of inflating manually, that is, parents can only rely on automatic recovery system in case of emergency. Automatic performance in accordance with the level of development only for children aged 7 years. It is important to understand that PLOOTA does not replace a life vest or swimming training AIDS such as inflatable wings.


The smallest life jacket in the world
The smallest life jacket in the world
The smallest life jacket in the world


After each successful use (inflate) , you need to completely release the CO2 from the pillows and put them in the side pockets. Then activate the start, put a new CO2 cartridge, and PLOOTA again ready to work. At the end of the day, as life jackets or bathing suits, floating cushions PLOOTA need to rinse with fresh water and dry, to avoid unpleasant smell. Another plus, the device you can take with you on the plane, since the volumes of CO2 cartridges do not exceed the permissible norm.

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