Looking for tennis

March 19, 2019

      Looking for tennis
      The creators of the rating list of the strongest masters of the Zvezdny class decided to extend it to the Olympic classes (and then to the others) – and started with Finn.

Looking for tennis

First a bit of history. When in 2011 the International Sailing Federation and the IOC decided to exclude the “Star” from the Olympic program, starting with the 2016 Rio Games, it seemed to many that this was the beginning of the end of the famous class. But it turned out the opposite.

The initiative was taken by an initiative group of star-yachtsmen who had a business acumen. They carefully studied the experience of tennis players who created the tournament network in 1972 – ATP World Tour, and, in turn, created something similar in 2013 – the network of sailing tournaments called Star Sailors League (SSL).

I can not believe that it was some five years ago. Because now the annual SSL finale in the Bahamas enjoys worldwide popularity, and World Sailing has included it in the short list of the most important sailing competitions on the planet.

But the SSL finale is just the tip of the iceberg. According to the plans of the leaders of the League, next year the world will host 220 (yes, two hundred and twenty!) Regattas of different levels in the Star class plus four Grand Slam regattas, on which the final will be selected.

Such a selection is carried out, including through the rating. But the SSL bosses and Napoleonic plans here. They decided to turn their – "star" – rating in the world. Having included in it by 2020 representatives of the Olympic classes, and then all the others. We do not know which algorithm will be used for this, but you must agree that the idea is excellent. Especially since such a rating will, in turn, work towards the popularization of the Star class.

The first to include SSL masters into the combined SSL rating, and the best of ours, Vladimir Krutskikh, is at the 32nd position there. And all the Russian yachtsmen as many as one hundred and fifty

Here is the combined SSL rating –

But a separate rating of masters "Finn" –

See, study, compare. Very informative!

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