Less than six months: Bayern have appeared the General Director

German group of companies Bavaria Yachts is headed by Michael Muller (Michael Müller). He will be responsible for the entire group, including belonging to Bavaria shipyard Nautitech Catamarans located in France.

Six months after the purchase in September Fund CPM Capital Management “Bavaria” has lived without an Executive Director. And this post finally busy.

Recall that the CPM saved Germany’s largest manufacturer of yachts from bankruptcy.

62-year-old Manager with an engineering degree, Michael Mueller worked all his life in various companies invested in the Fund CPM Capital Management. Three months ago, Mueller was appointed the managing Director for sales and marketing, and he’s so well blended into the team of the shipyard that he was offered a CEO.

“Within weeks, Michael Muller, we are convinced of its effectiveness and found that his candidacy was well received and workers, and dealers,” said by Ralph (Ralph Kudla), representing CPM Capital Management the Board of Directors of “Bavaria”.
“I use my experience gained in the process of working on other high-end brands, to strengthen the position of Bavaria Yachts as a manufacturer of high-quality modern sailing and motor yachts. Now our entire team is focused on preparing for the season of the delivery of yachts to customers. We will deliver boats on time and in good quality, so that the vessel for which we have orders, will be launched in the spring. In addition, we are constantly improving our production lines in Giebelstadt,” said Sam Michael Muller.

To date, the state of Bavaria Yachts Group is 800 people. 550 of them are working in Giebelstadt, the rest in Rochefort, where the Nautitech catamarans production.

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