Krutsky this time no


      Krutsky this time no
      According to the Finnish Class Russian Yachts Association, the second Finn-Masters European Championship among racers over 40 years old has started in the German city of Schwerin on the lake of the same name.

Krutsky this time no

Recall that the first European championship was held last year in Croatia in the city of Split, and the Russian Vladimir Krutskikh became its winner.

This year 65 racers from 16 countries, including Brazil and Australia, take part in the competition. Russia is represented by 10 athletes: Yuri Polovinkin, Alexander Kasatov, Alexander Banko, Felix Denikaev, Sergey Lukin, Alexey Borovyak, Mikhail Petriga, Anatoly Voschennikov, Dmitry Akhramenko and Vasily Kravchenko. The winner of last year’s championship Vladimir Krutskikh, unfortunately, could not take part in the competition due to the overlapping championship of Russia.

The first day of the regatta passed with a wind of 14-18 knots, which later intensified to 18-22 knots. Two races were held. According to their results, the leader of the Portuguese is Filipe Silva. The best of the Russians – Vasily Kravchenko – is in 12th place. There are 6 more races ahead, which will last until September 14th inclusive.

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