Krutskih also began with a victory!

June 10, 2019

      Krutskih also began with a victory!
      In the suburb of Copenhagen – Skovskhoveda – on Monday started the world championship Finn-Masters. Russia is represented by six riders, including two-time world champion Vladimir Krutskikh.

Krutskih also began with a victory!

And here's the good news: it was Krutskikh who won the first race of the tournament. Well, as they say, a good start is half the battle! We also note that Felix Denikayev finished tenth.

In the regatta, which will end on June 14, nearly 250 Finnists take part.

Full results of the first race –!/results?classId=913d683c-1ccb-4a7b-a3c6-f8b373f4adbf

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