Komissarov – 8th and 14th

May 26, 2019

      Komissarov – 8th and 14th
      The winner of the European Championship in "Laser-standard", which ended on Saturday in the largest of the Porto suburbs – Vila Nova di Guy, was Lorenzo Chiavarini (Great Britain) – 54 points.

Komissarov - 8th and 14th

However, in the standings of the Laser Senior European Trophy, where the results of non-European participants were taken into account, Kiavarini remained only third. It went around Australian Matthew Wearn – 39 and Sam Meech from New Zealand – 53.

Our Sergey Komissarov (108 points) took the 8th place in the European Championship, and became the 14th in the Laser Senior European Trophy.

Here are the places of the rest of the Russians in the European Championship (in brackets – their places, taking into account the results shown by non-Europeans):

44 (63). Maxim Nikolaev. … 55 (78). Cyril Evfimievsky. … 65 (101). Daniel Krutskih.

For women in Laser Radial, Anne-Marie Rind (Denmark) became the best in both tests – 33 points. And here are our results:

38 (47). Catherine Zyuzin. … 52 (68). Valeria Lomatchenko. … 59 (77). Catherine Morgun. … 63 (82). Catherine Birch. 64 (83). Maria Kislukhina. … 71. (95). Elizaveta Borovkov.

Finally, in the "Laser Radial" for men (there were no non-Europeans here), Alexander Arian from Poland took the lead – 26 points. Our Kirill Tereshkin took the 14th place.

Full results of the regatta in Porto –

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