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According to the website of the WFTU, citing the Russian Association of yachts of a class “the Finn”, in Moscow was held the 11th traditional international regatta in the Olympic class. The competition was attended by more than 40 athletes ranging in age from 14 to 70 years of the nine regions of Russia.

Among the participants were three masters of sports of international class, 17 masters of sports, one participant of the Olympic games. While pleased with the active participation of young athletes – 17 juniors. In the Russian championship “Finn”-masters were made by 22 veterans of the sport. Despite the fact that the number of participants in the regatta this year was inferior to the previous one, she gathered the core riders, systematically sailing in a class “Finn”. The vast majority of adult athletes performed solely on a private yacht.

Nature gave the participants a nice warm Sunny weather and moderate wind with challenging hits and bands of amplification-attenuation. So the riders were able to test their tactical skills, and each race until the last meters kept me wondering. In the first two days of the race Committee was able to spend seven good long races, which in the end determined the outcome of the regatta. The fact that in later days came to an anticyclone, which is not allowed to make a single start.

Race overall, it was a tactically complex – was pronounced the best side. The situation is constantly changing, strong winds, and visits, were spots, stripes, fought a few threads. And riders were required not only to skillfully navigate in such conditions, but also considerable luck.

From the beginning the lead in the regatta captured the leader of the national team of Russia in a class “Finn” Muscovite Arkady Kistanov. Near it is the winner of the last regatta Yuri Bozhedomov from Sevastopol. Both athletes showed very good technique, tactics and the end of the regatta gave no chance to other competitors to come closer to them.

For third place, a struggle between Evgeny Deivam (Moscow) and Dmitry Petrov (Togliatti). The finish of the seventh race, the athletes equal on points and only a greater number of the best parishes allowed Evgeny Deyev to take third place.

In General, the race took place at the big competition, significantly tightened their level many athletes, both young and experienced.

The results of the regatta –

Russian Open competition was also the final of the Cup of Andrey Balashov. Summed up 18 regatta of the season held on the territory of Russia, and determined the winner of the Cup-2019. They became Junior Kirill Kolechenko. Second place went to Felix Denikaev. Third – Alexander Kravchenko.

At the end of the regatta was held independently of the route of the race dedicated to the memory of prominent yachtsmen Victor Potapov, Andrei Balashov, Valentin Danilov and Alexander Chumakov. The winner of the race was Cyril of Kolechenko.

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