Junior Match Racing World Cup Completed

August 18, 2019

      Junior Match Racing World Cup Completed
      The race committee still hoped that in the early morning, as it was the day before, there would be wind in the waters of the Verkh-Isetsky pond. Therefore, it was decided to change the racing program and start the race at seven in the morning.

Junior Match Racing World Cup Completed

Unfortunately, the forecast was confirmed, and the wind did not exceed two knots, which was not enough for the races.

Nevertheless, the international rules of match racing allow you to take stock of the regatta with the results of all matches held. As a result, the victory and gold medals were very deservedly assigned to the Australian team, which on the first day of the championship pulled ahead.

Silver went to the New Zealand team, and bronze went to the Danish team.

The table of the results of the World Championship in match racing among juniors is as follows:
1st Place – Tom Grimes, Australia
2nd place – Nick Agnoth-Johnson, New Zealand
3rd place – Jeppe Borch, Denmark
4th place – Igor Tarashchuk, Poland
5th place – Jack Parkin, USA
6th place – Matt Whitfield, UK
7th place – Rocco Attili, Italy
8th place – Aurelien Pierrot, France
9th place – Mons Holmberg, Sweden
10th place – Mark Abdrakipov, Russia
11th place – Jakub Halouzka, Czech Republic
12th place – Kodai Mutsuda, Japan.

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