John Risley and his boat

The Genesis of the idea “the most effective motor yacht in the world”

John Risley (John Risley) — the canadian billionaire owner and founder of the international Corporation Clearwater Fine Foods, which is one of the world’s largest suppliers of seafood. In April 2018 Risley celebrated their 70th anniversary. To the sea it is associated with childhood. Fishing business is just one of the ways in which the man supports this relationship.

Another passion Risley — boats and sailing. For him, now co-owner of 51,1-metre sailing yacht Meteor Royal Huisman, it all started in childhood, when at home, in the canadian province of Nova Scotia, as a boy he loved to go on a small rowboat. During his life, Risley had been aboard many ships: participated in Autonomous ocean-going outputs on trawlers and research vessels, and in the regattas of the day on a 6-meter wooden sailboat.

Many boats Risley developed itself. Now he is thinking about the project Autonomous luxury ocean yacht, which will receive the name Nothern star: so Risley anoint all their large projects.

This project, however, will be revolutionary for the customer, and in General for the industry. Now a new yacht Risley claims the title of “the most efficient motor yachts in the world.”

Journalists Superyacht Times spoke to Risley about the Genesis of the revolutionary project.

“More is better”
“Sailing is definitely my first love. I must say, if you’re going to spend a lot of time on the water, you have to understand that to sailing, there are limitations, especially when it comes to long trips and their logistics,” says Risley.

It is love of sailing led him to buy a boat from Palmer Johnson Maysylph (now Axia) is a 37.5-foot motor-sailing vessel, which first received from Risley name Northern Star. The time he spent on Board this submarine, was the beginning of two decades of cooperation with the German shipyard Lürssen and even more fruitful partnership with Moran Yacht & Ship, which for many years became a yacht broker and Advisor Risley.

“Now when I think about the transition from Palmer Johnson to the first Lürssen, I think it shaped my way of thinking, something to blame the entire industry, including me. I thought “more is better”. Today I know that this is not always the case. “More” means simply “something else”. It all depends on what you want to do on the water, so sometimes less is better. But now I’m still in the “more is better””.

What followed Maysylph can certainly be described by this formula. “The first Lürssen”, which mentions Risley, of course, this 63 metre Northern Star (Polar Star), released in 2005.

Soon, in 2009, the German shipyard delivered to the owner of the other vessel with the same name. This time it was of 75.4 m motor yacht, which from a distance could easily be mistaken with my little sister. It is on the new Northern Star Risley and his family rediscovered the oceans. They returned home with the understanding that to take care of this priceless habitat need with double diligence.

“I am a leader among those who earn on the ocean, not only through fishing, but also energy and other sectors of the economy. I was lucky to be the owner of the rowing boat in childhood, grow up under the influence of the ocean. He remains a huge field to global economic processes, so I want to spend more time in the sea and be aware of the changes that occur there. And the changes are the most dramatic. And they have an impact not only on marine life but on a much larger scale. I want to be closer to that, know about it and at the same time be a responsible steward of the ocean and everything it has to offer”.
Energy efficiency is paramount

Continuing to dream of a life at sea, Risley began an ambitious new project, inspired by decades of offshore vessels.

“The prototype of a steel industrial court (we are engaged in offshore transport and deep-sea fishing). This industry has got me thinking about why technology used in it are not used in the development of my boats. Large motor yachts are one of the most inefficient boats in the world, when compared with the heavy-duty commercial vessels. It is a fact. With this in mind, when our new project with Lürssen is finished, it will probably be the most effective motor yacht in the world”.

Risley proposes to completely change the concept of the engine room aboard his new offspring.

This means that rethinking will undergo, including uses of power, which is produced by the engines. The days of wasteful operation of the generators are gone. Instead, all the necessary electricity for the ship will provide a large Bank of batteries.

“Diesel generators only need to recharge the batteries, explains Risley. — Most motor yacht has two main engines and three generators. In the path at the same time there are three, if not four of these installations. And it’s crazy. If commercial vessels are not doing so why, in the name of all that’s Holy, we do that on our boats?”

Risley understands that modern technologies available, you need to make old-fashioned fossil fuels redundant, still not used to full capacity. But this should not be a barrier to use that incredible equipment can offer today.

“Of course, with the development of Tesla in 5 years we will have batteries better than now, but that shouldn’t stop before buying Tesla today. The field is growing by leaps and bounds. There is no doubt that in five years the market will be the battery better, but that is no reason not to use modern batteries and available technology.”
Faithful companions

In the implementation of such an ambitious project can not do without the support and knowledge from the experienced partner. At Risley, the role a partner plays Moran Yacht & Ship company, with which he built several vessels and which has taught him many valuable lessons when he was just starting to create a superyacht.

The value of broker at the time of building the boat — one of the things that Risley clearly understands.

“People often think that it is possible to do without a chief Advisor and not to pay him a Commission, as if it were additional costs that they must bear. You still get paid. One way or another. Either a Commission, or getting more expensive and less functional yacht. Or it just won’t fit the standard you originally expected. And as someone who has built probably more boats (both motor yachts) than most owners, I will tell everyone that broker — best investment he can do.”

Benefit from cooperation during construction with an experienced partner for Risley is much more important than simple confidence that the boat will be delivered in time. Especially if we are talking about creating something that the world has ever seen.

“You need an Advisor who earns on building impressive motor yachts. Someone who is simultaneously involved in three or four projects. It is a way to learn from the different examples and the mistakes of others. All data is anonymous, and the question now is not, “what color bath that guy”, but what can we learn from each other from the point of view of new technologies and methods of construction.”
“Sea road” Lürssen Icecap

The project “the most efficient motor yachts in the world” which builds to Risley Lurssen, now bears the name of the Icecap. 107-metre Explorer will be launched in 2021. A new ice-class ship will be equipped with all the options, “SUV”, which is only available to boats of this size.

A large helipad with its own flooded the hangar will allow easy access to the shore. For a more habitual way to observe the landscape directly in front of the boat will be located a special room with a panoramic view of 180 degrees. What, according to Risley, on Board will not be absolutely accurate, so it’s submarines.

“I’m claustrophobic and did not want to slowly drown in a glass bowl,” he explains.
Where to go, when open all the way?

Seems to be the most difficult part of the project will decide where to go on the new ship when it’s ready.

“I want to go everywhere. I do not dissemble when I say that we do not love a popular destination. We were in them and didn’t feel the need to return to the same point again and again and again. In those times, when we were in the remote corners of our guests every time with awe froze in front of their beauty. For example, in Greenland, which we bypassed on all sides, but which still managed to discover only a little. That’s the type of places we want to visit and where we want to take our family, friends, business partners, that they shared with us this experience, because it’s unique. I don’t understand what is unique in the southern coast of France. If you continue to go there, you will find anything that’s not seen to anyone else.”

Risley says:

“I don’t want to cool the ardor of the people who continue to return to their favorite places in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, I just want to inspire people to do more with their boats.”

The last – not only about the routes. As a man who remained true to this course throughout the yacht life, John Risley exactly have a lot to teach ambitious boat owners who want to use them for the benefit.

Whether he will return someday to build a sailing yacht, when the stage of “more is better”?

“I don’t know. At some point in your life you realize that you’re mortal. And then you say, “Hey, how long am I staying here?” I hope I will be able to build boats until death”.

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