It's not just money

May 28, 2019

      It's not just money

The main news of last Monday for the sailing world was, of course, the announcement of the death of a 130-foot (39.6 m) megayacht My Song, which fell into the water from the deck of a cargo ship carrying it.

It's not just money

Thousands of websites, newspapers and television stations around the world reported what happened to My Song, but what is surprising is: there are practically no details. All one after another they repeated and continue to repeat the same facts. They say that the incident occurred in the Mediterranean last Saturday evening, despite the fact that the ship went to the Balearic Islands from the Caribbean.

We had to “shovel” many publications in order to get at least some additional information. We found out, for example, that My Song was being transported on board a cargo ship Brattingsborg, which in the late evening of May 25 fell into a violent storm. This, they say, everything is explained.

At the same time, it remains an open question why the megayacht, which spent the winter season in the Caribbean, was generally decided to be transported on the deck of a cargo ship. There are several versions. For example, according to, My Song needed to be so seriously repaired that it was afraid to send it under its own power across the Atlantic, and the repairs themselves had to be carried out in Genoa. At the same time, provides other data. Saying, to launch My Song (where repairs were not needed at all, just time was running out) were going to Ibiza, after which the yacht would go to Porto Cervo – to take part in Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta from June 4 to 8.

Recall that this regatta is carried out by the owner (or better to say – already the former owner?) My Song – Pierre Luigi Loro Piana, who heads (together with his brother) the famous Italian brand, which manufactures clothes, bags, shoes, textiles and interior items. The yacht has participated in the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta since 2017 – and invariably won. Agree, it would be strange if this year she suddenly did not reach the start.

Megayacht was the favorite toy of Signor Loro Pian, who three years ago laid out for her 30 million euros. The Baltic Yachts shipyard completed the construction of My Song in 2016 (both the interior and exterior were designed by Nauta Yachts), and since then, the beautiful boat has won many prizes for its beauty and speed. So, last year she set a record for the RORC Transatlantic Race among single-hull vessels, and a few months ago she was named the Italian Sailing Federation "Yacht of the Year".

Pierre Luigi Loro Pyana has not yet commented on the loss of My Song. No wonder: for him it is a huge loss. And the thing is, of course, not only in money …

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