“It was a world Cup level”

On Saturday in Mallorca ended with the 50th anniversary regatta Trofeo Princesa Sofia IBEROSTAR 2019. The results are summarized by the riders of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg.

Tell Ian and Christian Czechs, Sergey Komissarov and Ivan Zotov

Jan Czech, steering the strongest academic teams in the class 49:

“Very personable get the regatta. Gathered the fleet in our class in my memory, was all. This is the level of the world championship, no less. For example, last year there were 90 participants, and there was many of the strongest. This year was all tops! So the 15 final place is much more significant than last year’s 14th.

In principle, all planned – out. Of course, there are still moments on which we work in the future. The performance was positive, we were happy.

The new boat proved to be good, plus we have made some progress over the winter.

Now fly for 3 days home and then to Genoa, on the world Cup stage.

A big thank you to the Academy and the Yacht club for your support!”

Ivan Zotov, Shkotovo, 49:

“Turned out consistently to qualify with virtually no errors and points lost, which gave us the opportunity to be at the intermediate 6th place in the gold fleet. In the races of the gold fleet was heavier, the average speed of the fleet above they less mistaken. It all came together so well, like in qualifying, we felt the lack of speed in some extent, plus was made a few tactical errors that have pushed us to the end of the fleet in 3 races. But the rest of the race very happy, starts in the most part good, fast and a good full courses.

Importantly, the objectives set for the regatta fulfilled. Know what to work on and saw their strengths and weaknesses at the moment”.

Sergey Komissarov, the class “Laser Standard”:

“Cup Princess Sofia regatta, is needed primarily for “racking” in the season, getting practice racing in a strong fleet. Last year it was preceded by a regatta in Miami, and this, it turns out, that this start was the first major test in the season 2019.

The main objective was to test ourselves in different conditions, to understand the current level. Basically did not launch will now work on them.

Races of this level I have not had for about six months, the brain needs to get used to racing mode.

In principle, the feelings didn’t come out too bad, excluding the failed 3 races (2 of black flag and one failed in terms of wind) the top ten I would definitely hit.

Many succeed, some decisions during the race were taken a little late, at this level it affected, but for the European Championships all should return to normal.

Going home for a few days to rest, April 12 in Genoa kicks off the world Cup stage next week and a half home workouts, then Split, preparing for the European championship in Porto, after which we’re going to Japan, because the main goal is to obtain a license for the Olympics.

Thank you family and friends, my sponsors – Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation, GBU MO CSOS, Academy Sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg, CSKA Moscow, all-Russian Sailing Federation, SLAM Russia, Russian Rigger. And everyone who supports me!”.

Christian Czech, steering, class 470:

“Of course, I would like to get into the gold fleet, but unfortunately up to this goal was far away.

Worked starts and exits on the first sign, especially sold well in strong wind. But don’t have enough experience – it was impossible to hold the position during the race, all a bit lost, especially in weak wind, not enough speed.

In strong wind, on the contrary, well went out on the first sign and during the race played the position, was a competitive speed, but… At this level you need to be able to walk in any weather.

Back home, then a short gathering in Sochi, after – chase in the final stage of the Cup of Russia”.

Evgeny Kitaev,

The press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

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