Is Rothschild already a winner?


      Is Rothschild already a winner?
      Only 1,150 miles remains to the finish line in the French Brest trimaran Maxi Edmond de Rothschild. It is safe to say that the skippers Frank Kamm and Charles Codrelier went to the finish line of the Brest Atlantiques race. Moreover, now they are flying forward at a speed of over 30 knots.

Is Rothschild already a winner?

The other two racers with a total length of 14,000 miles lagged catastrophically. Macif (Francois Gabard / Gwenole Gaine) is in second place, but the Rothschild is ahead of its former competitor – you can’t even believe it! – 1110 miles away! In turn, Masif is ahead of Actual Leader (skippers – Yves le Bleve / Alex Pella) by only 24 miles. Moreover, this advantage is reduced: Macif speed is 13.6 knots, while Actual Leader goes ahead with a speed of 19.1 knots.

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