Involuntary turn over before the wind…

Yesterday afternoon in Germany occurred a severe accident 30-foot cruising Dinghy. Located on the shores of the campers noticed the tipping of the boat (wooden Dinghy was built 30 years) and reported it to the ambulance service Bremen.

Although the accident occurred just seven cables from the shore, and rescuers arrived very quickly – in just 10 minutes, they were able to save only three men of the four members of the crew on the bottom of the overturned boat. A fourth person – an adult 49-year-old daughter of the captain was in the water and unconscious, and resuscitation attempts in what have not resulted.

It is reported that the people were not only freezing, but were in a state of shock, so rescuers had to put a lot of work to get them to move to the rescue boat.

According to preliminary data a cause of the accident was an involuntary turn over before the wind during the wind under Spinnaker to the house.

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