Intense fight with no wind

In the suburbs, on the waters of the Klyazma reservoir, the 17th time gathered sailors to find out “who is Who” behind the wheel easy and fast Dinghy “Ray.”

Intense fight with no wind

Interestingly, back in 2002 regatta Who Is Who was conceived as a means of formation of the rating of steering a cruising yacht, standing in the yacht-club “Nut Bay”. In the end start out of the 10 participants, 8 of whom had seen “the Beam” only from a distance.

Very fast regatta transplant has become so popular that participate in it come from all over Russia and from neighboring countries. This trend continues even now, so his title of “the international” she is deserved. A few years ago Who Is Who Moscow entered the calendar of national competitions. And constantly, the number of participants in this most democratic, the most fun and sporty regatta grows and multiplies. And this is a serious test!

Three years ago the organizers: NP “Regatta who eats Who” moved the database in yacht-club “gals”. This year again innovation – a place-based regatta was hospitable boarding house “Birches”. The boarding house has its own moorings and hull, where you can stay out-of-town racers, as well as a large scenic area.

Regatta Who Is Who once again proved that he is one of the most democratic. Side by side with experienced yachtsmen who have the title of masters of sports, the competition was attended by athletes, only recently joined the classroom

sailing. Due to the format of the regatta is still interesting to all participants. Everyone will find their final and their opponents, a comparable level of training.

The competition was attended by 69 athletes from 20 cities of Russia from Kaliningrad to Murmansk, and also from Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Weather conditions all three days of the regatta delighted the audience and provoked the athletes and judges. Warm weather and unstable wind speed of 1-3 m/s was liked by the audience and visitors, but much unnerved judges and sailors. But despite the vagaries of nature, the racing program was completely performed.

The final day began with a traditional carrying of veterans ‘ and women’s races. Among athletes older than 55 years was not equal to the oldest participant, who came specially for this race to the representative of the Rostov-on-don, the master of sports Nikolay

Nikolaevich Kovalev. And the last missed the control time became the founder of a regatta Boris Lysenko (or as called by his comrades “BP”).

In the Women’s race was attended by 15 girls, the youngest of which was Leliana Monk (20 years). She is one of 7 girls who managed to meet the time limit. “The problem with the wind was all day. And in the women’s race, too. All stood and were not going anywhere, says Leliana. – I took a good position and came fifth. I tried not to let others. But it was difficult because the wind almost was not. My first time at this regatta. Prior to this, from the team of Moscow state University participated in other competitions. Here I really liked the format change – it is possible to drive to almost every. Everyone can find an opponent on your level. And in General, the organization is good, the food was delicious, the tee shirt was a gift. I came to Who Is Who with his boat, although it is not required. The boat provides everything.”

Victory in the women’s race was won by Anna Kudryavtseva from the city. Interestingly, some women come to participate in this race, not running all three days in a row. For example, Love Ryumin (Saint Petersburg) for the third year in a row in time and in the judicial Committee work, and to race in the Women’s race.

In General, a special word should be said about judging Committee. Andrew Portanova – the permanent Chairman of the organizing Committee managed to gather a whole group of aces who work on the race Committee boat and on the water. This Vadim Borisovich Pribylov, Alexander Polyakov. Tracked slightest visits/coming of the wind, all issues are resolved quickly and professionally.

“This year was not very lucky with the wind, – said Alexander Shokhin. The second day it was necessary to reduce the distance. Many racers did not meet the time limit. Despite this, in the first day managed to conduct 8 races, qualify, all participants were divided into four fleets: gold, silver, bronze and copper. The second day of finals – 24 race. The only advantage of a weak wind – the almost complete absence of failures.”

And here come the time of finals. The start has been delayed. It was hot, so everyone could swim. Despite the very light breeze, fighting in the gold fleet turned serious. As a result, with a difference of one point from second place and two third-defeated Yuri Bogdanov from Dolgoprudny. The second was the representative of Moscow Victor Pelgunov, third place was taken by the Muscovite Vyacheslav cashew.

All the winners received certificates for the purchase of equipment and gear from Zhik company “Vneshtradeservice” and other prizes.

Winners and prize-winners Women’s race and women’s classifications received certificates from the partner of the regatta, a beauty salon “Burrini”.

All participants were given Souvenirs and gifts from the organizers of the regatta.

Sponsors and partners of the competition: group of companies “Roksa”, “Byterg”, GBU “of sshor of hlebnikovo” Moskomsport “Rostelecom”, JSCB “FORABANK”, DAHAB SAILING CENTER, WIWSСHOOL, Major Truck Center, Vast Sails, Cuors, 2Gis, Motul, Promind, WindBrothers,

Who Is Who Moscow 2018

The final

1st place – Yuri Bogdanov (Dolgoprudny)

2nd place – Victor Pelgunov (Moscow)

3 place – Vyacheslav Kashaev (Moscow)

Cruising standings

1st place – Alexander Pankov (Murmansk)

2 place – Oleg Kustov (Moscow)

3rd place – Simon Sedov (Moscow)

Women’s standings

1 place – Tatiana Terentieva (Saint Petersburg)

2nd place – Svetlana Piskareva (Pushkino)

3 place – Anna Kudryavtseva (Novosibirsk)

At this season sailing series regatta Who Is Who ends. Planned 4регаты in different cities of Russia. The next – 29 – 30 September in Volgograd.


Text Olga Efimova-Sokolov/Olga Kashaeva

Photo Olga Kashaeva

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