Instead of a sail – volleyball with football


      Instead of a sail – volleyball with football

Today at the world championship in the class RS: X among juniors, which takes place in St. Petersburg, the final race will start. Recall that the competition takes place in the waters of the Neva Bay, and in the park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg a racing village has unfolded.

Instead of a sail - volleyball with football

For three racing days of the world championship in windsurfing, St. Petersburg proved to riders in all its glory. Every day, the weather regime in the water area of ​​the Neva Bay changed 360 degrees: from almost a squall wind on the first day to complete calm on the third day.

On Thursday, the wind power was only 2-3 knots, which did not allow the organizers to conduct a single race. However, windsurfers did not get bored and rather had fun on the beach. From entertainment – beach volleyball and football, chatting with friends, sunbathing and swimming.

– We have a volleyball field on the beach. You can play volleyball, soccer or have fun in the racing village, says Andrei Spiridonov, a windsurfer from the Academy of Sailing of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg. – Everything is very cool – we shoot challenges there, have a good time and establish contacts with athletes from other countries so that we can meet around the world. The French are very cool in performing bottle-throwing challenges. Omanis play volleyball as if they are preparing for the World Cup.

On their free day, the Omanis really made a splash on the volleyball court. “We are used to playing volleyball in our homeland,” Mohammed Nabil Al Balushi explained. “In Oman, they observe the holy month of Ramadan, which we are forbidden to perform any physical activity until sunset. So, at night we play volleyball, not football because volleyball doesn’t need lighting, gates and special markings. This is a more affordable sport. "

Due to the lack of races, the situation in the standings has not changed. In the men's standings, Israeli Iyal Yohai Zror (10 points) comes first. Following him is his compatriot Daniel Tashtash (13). Among the girls, the Frenchwoman Manon Pianaza leads (14 points), in second and third places are Israeli women Naama Greenberg and Lina Geva (both 17).

Alexey Zhirov,

PR-director of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg.

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69 Yesterday # 9353

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