In Weymouth and Athens


      In Weymouth and Athens
      In British Weymouth, where the Olympic regatta was held in 2012, the European Open Championships in the classes 49er, 49FX and Nacra17 ended.

In Weymouth and Athens

The fact that in 49FX Zoya Novikova and Diana Sabirova took the final 43rd place, we have already reported (at the same time, we note, they became the 5th among athletes under 23 years of age).

The best result among the 57 crews participating in the championship (76 points) was shown by the representatives of Brazil, Olympic champions Martine Grael and Kakhen Kyunz. Three points behind them Annemiek Beckering / Annette Duetz (Holland).

Full regatta results in class 49FX –

2019 European Championship

In the 49er, Olympic champions Peter Burling and Blair Tuke from New Zealand who had just returned to the class, but who quickly gained their shape, became champions.

Russian duo Jan Czech / Ivan Zotov took 45th place.

The complete results of the regatta in the class 49er –

2019 European Championship

Finally, the British champions Ben Saxton and Nicola Boniface became champions of the continent in Nacra17.

Here are the results of the Russian crews: 37. Maxim Semenov / Alina Schetinkina. … 44. Vyacheslav Sheludyakov / Yana Stokolesova. … 47. Sergey Dzhienbayev / Sofia Kiseleva. 48. Olesya Zhukova / Maxim Sudachkov.

The complete results of the regatta in the class Nacra17 –

2019 Volvo European Championship

And further. We have already reported that in the European Championship in the Finn class, which ended on the same day in Athens, Arkady Kistanov became the 15th. Terribly disappointing: he become the 12th (which was quite realistic) – and would have won the Olympic license.

The full results of the regatta in the class "Finn" –

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