“In this weather have not walked”

In the Portuguese town of Vilamoura, located on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, launched the first phase of the Grand Prix of Portugal in classes, 49th, 49th FX and Nacra 17.

Class 49-th for the regatta showed up 48 strong crew of the European countries and also from Oman and Canada. Among the participants – and “academics” Jan Cech and Ivan Zotov. Our guys have shared expectations on the eve of the regatta.

Jan Cech: “For us, the regatta is purely training nature. It is important to keep yourself in good shape in the offseason, and “the Grand Prix of Portugal” very suitable for this, here brought together many of the top racers. Vilamoura has an interesting water area: open beach, wind blowing from all directions, can come ocean wave, although quite large yet was not”.

Ivan Zotov: “on the first day of the muzzle very much, we in this weather have not walked. Of the three races in only two managed to stay within the time limit. Especially sorry for the first race – it was 9 and at the end of the first full course is turned over. The other two also went well, but before finish line “bathed”. It is expected that in other days the wind will be weaker, and therefore easier for us to reveal himself.”

Note that in the class 49FX is another Russian crew – Zoya Novikova and Diana Sabirova. The first day they are unable to Express themselves fully – DNC 2 and 20 overall in that class for the regatta showed up 36 crews.

The competition will last until 16 December, watch the results and cheer for our boys!

Evgeny Kitaev,

the press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

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