In the top ten – only Elfwina

In hyères (France) ended the second day of the regatta Semaine Olympique Française (SOF).

We will remind that this year the regatta in hyères deprived of high status – she ceased to be a world Cup in Olympic classes (due to the fact that nearby, in Marseille, will be the final of the Cup). Largely because of this competition are only four classes is a Laser, Laser Radial and RS:X (men and women).

That’s who is now the leader of the Russians:

Laser. 69 participants. Held 3 races (with one outlier). 1. Sam Meech (New Zealand) – 2 points. …30. Maxim Nikolaev – 25. …41. Cyril Evfimievski – 30.

Laser Radial. 50 participants. Held 4 races (with one outlier). 1. Tuula Tenkanen (Finland) – 8 points — 6. Elena Vorobyeva (Croatia) Is 26. …20. Yekaterina Zyuzina – 48. …23. Maria Kisluhina – 57. …34. Catherine Birch – 76.

RS:X (men). The 48 participants. There were 6 races (with one outlier). 1. Mattia Raschiamboni (Italy) – 9 points…20. Evgeny Ayvazyan – 90. …28. Vladislav Burmistenko – 113. …32. Alexander Askerov – 128.

RS:X (women). 30 participants. There were 6 races (with one outlier). 1. Charlene Picon (France) – 13 points. …9. Stefania Elfwina – 50. …20. Anna Korikova – 89.

Detailed results –

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