In the final lost to the Danes

July 22, 2019

      In the final lost to the Danes
      In Italy, the youth world championship in the class Zoom8. Here is what the press service of the Krestovsky Island Sailing School reports:

In the final lost to the Danes

At the end of the 2019 Zoom 8 Boy's and Girl's World Championship, fifth place among girls (out of 39) in the individual standings and Elena Obedzinskaya of the Krestovsky Island school was second in the team standings. Among young men, Artem Markov ranked 27th among 52 participants.

“During the four racing days, the organizers held twelve races: three a day,” said trainer Nadezhda Ademasova. – In the first two the wind was weak, then intensified. True, it subsided to 3 m / s, then intensified on gusts up to 10 m / s.

A sufficiently strong fleet, but Danes and Estonians chase better than others. Two brothers of the Dane, William Åsholm Bradley and Gustav Åsholm Bradley, took 1st and 2nd places with a huge margin. “Fly away” in all races. The girls won Karolin Härm from Estonia. Our Lena Obedzinskaya took the fifth place, although it was the third until the last start. But in one of the races it was protested, it was disassembled for two hours, and as a result, Lena was only the fifth.

After personal races, team competitions took place on the fifth day.

28 qualifying rounds were held, and in the final we lost to the Danish team – the strongest in the championship – with a minimum gap of two points. It was very disappointing.

The results of the 2019 Zoom 8 Boy's and Girl's World Championship are here:

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