In the battle for the America’s Cup is entering Malta!

Sensation! Another, the fourth contender for the Cup was the team of Malta Altus, representing the Royal yacht club of Malta.

When on 30 November was the deadline for the submission of applications for participation in the 36th America’s Cup, the new Zealand organizers of the competition said that in the last hours before the deadline, I enrolled 8 applications. But from whom exactly, did not specify, noting that all documents will first be carefully studied.

Rumored to be among those who sent at the last moment the orders were two teams from USA and Italy, one from Norway, China and Holland. The team representing Malta in General was not talking.

But it malteze – the first late – had received approval for participation. And it’s really a sensation. Moreover, the population of Malta is only 460 thousand people. Such a small country participating in the America’s Cup is not yet known.

But no wonder they say: small but udalenky. So, meet: team Malta Altus. Representing the Royal yacht club Malta – the one that holds the Rolex Middle Sea Race such a success for the Russians in recent years.

The driving force of the project and its “money bag” is Pasquale Cataldi (his portrait we published), Italian businessman, have been living in Malta. He is the founder and head of the transnational Corporation Altus. Hence the team name.

According to Cataldi, program Malta Altus three-Cup “America”, because, in his opinion, such a period is necessary in order to gain experience and to make real progress. The team will consist of Maltese and foreign well-known racers. Of who, exactly, will be announced in the first quarter of 2019.

Thus, the three challengers – Luna Rossa Italian, American Magic and the British INEOS UK Team – added a fourth, Malta Altus. And, apparently, not the last. What sensations are waiting for us now?

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