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While the majority gives preference to the purchase of a motor yacht, some owners of sailing boats so much in love with walking and yacht racing that will never agree to exchange their sailboats on a modern motor yacht.

Here’s five of such love in the sails of famous personalities, which sailing yacht, inspire.

inspired Pete Townshend to create music

For the majority of superyacht owners, yachting is a clear demonstration of their career and financial success, but not the basis of their success in business. In the life of Pete Townshend is an English rock musician of the band the Who and the owner of the 38.4-metre Jongert sailing superyacht, named Gloria, all absolutely
on the contrary. Pete claims to have found his way to musical success
thanks to the sea.

“Being a marine scout, I first came on
water spaces. On the boat next to me were a lot of other boys,
but I didn’t notice because in my mind, sounded beautiful music.
After becoming a composer, I’ve spent a lot of time to try to recreate
the music, which sounded to me then. I recreated almost all the tunes, but
it is not sure that he could bring them to a natural perfection,” –
says the musician.

According to Pete, “Love, Reign O’er Me” is probably one of the best songs he
wrote while in the vast ocean when it was raining. This is the final
song from the film “Quadrophenia” (for the record – the film is based on the same
album The Who). The audience does not know where is ended up
guy is in a boat or on a rock, and the ending of the story ambiguous. “It’s a song
the rain on the oceans that not everyone feels. But, I think,
these special feelings are well known to any sailor,” says Pete.

Luigi loro piano inspired by the versatility of sailing yachts

For the owner of the famous Italian fashion brand
Pier Luigi loro piano sailing – a great opportunity to combine
admiring the colors of nature with the excitement of racing. It is this passion and led
his acquisition is a series of sailing yachts My Song. The latest addition to
this collection loro piano, which promises to become the largest sailboat in
it should be launched in 2017.

“I noticed that skiing and sailing
sports make us into harmony with nature,” says Pierre
Luigi. “The sea has always attracted me. Sailing allows you to break out of
the captivity of the bustling city, to be away from cars, away from the coast, from
the noise of the city. You’re just left alone with nature and feel

It is from these considerations was born the concept of the Loro Piana Superyacht regatta, in which you can participate
the owners of cruising yachts, allowing them to experience the excitement of racing without having
this racing boats.

life Mark Robb sailing pinisi

There are two important things that most
of superyacht owners are primarily valued in their boats, is the inviolability of
private life and personal freedom, which give them sails. Mark Robb in 2008
created their original traditional Indonesian boats pinisi – Dunia Baru.

“I was always confident that the best way
travel under sail. On Board you feel at home, but
if it starts to bother the scenery outside the window, you can always change it to other
moving to another place,” explains mark your Outlook on life on Board
the sailing yacht.

“Besides, I was always trying to prove his
family and children, so they will not need on vacation. Yes, there’s always
just to sit at home pool, but it’s so boring. In
actually, we all dream about adventures, and if you make a choice in their favor
life becomes more vivid and full of various emotions, but devoid of
feelings of discomfort or frustration. As soon as you make the right choice,
you get the feeling that you are on the right track. And sailing is the best choice for such a colorful life”.

the attractiveness of the sails for Amanda Weekly

Famous fashion designer Amanda Weekly with
her husband is the owner of a racing yacht Savannah and yacht regattas prefers
spending time at the helm, only occasionally agreeing on a normal cruise vacation
when steering goes to the crew.

“The wolf in sheep’s clothing” – that characterizes his
the boat Weekly. – “The case of the Savannah is made of carbon fiber, making
its phenomenally quick, so especially interesting to participate in
races on it, and a passion for the sea and water sports, probably just in my
blood,” says Amanda.

“With all of this, Savannah is just
the perfect combination of the best of the racing ship and luxury cruising
yacht. We know how to steer the boat, but we have a great crew and experienced
the captain and his first mate and part-time chef who is able
to choose the best local produce and create culinary
masterpieces. We love the convenience of lunch on the deck, where you can meet
the company of seven or eight people, and in my spacious cabin has beautiful
a bathroom in which to unwind after a gambling race.”

Ferragamo combines business and pleasure on Board

Having a controlling stake in the prestigious shipyard Nautor Swan and being one of the finest makers of sailing
yacht, Leonardo Ferragamo as much as your business, love the sails.
He is the owner of the sailing yacht Solleone and tries to spend more time on Board with his family, successfully
combining business and pleasure.

“I joined the company, the activities of which I
treated with deep respect,” says Leonardo. – It’s not even
industry, and the Association of these masters of their craft. This is largely
manual labor is passed from generation to generation; it is the same family that
ships have been built for some of the world’s largest fleets. So I
strive to maintain these traditions, while adding innovative approaches where the need
this is simply due to current business conditions for the successful retention
it is not just afloat, but on top of success”.

“I have always believed that to spend time with family
a yacht is the best holiday of all. Maybe I’m wrong, but I
it seems that sails are an optional component of family life, because
you can control the boat and look for a way out of the complex
situations, and eventually to gain valuable life experience”.

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