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The company Spirit Yachts recently launched its new model – Spirit 111, which is the largest single-masted wooden yacht built in the UK since the 30-ies of the last century after was built Shamrock V.

At the request of his foreign client Spirit 111 was designed to be one of the most environmentally friendly sailing superyacht ever created in the world. Managing Director of Spirit Yachts Nigel Stewart commented on her design: “the Demonstration of the Spirit 111 under sail and showing her unique interior is a real milestone for our company. The yacht is incredibly complex in its design, and we are very proud to have created it. It was a difficult road, but work on the ship gave us the opportunity to introduce the incredible innovations and get an idea about the future of eco-friendly superyachts”.

When working over the ship Spirit Yachts has collaborated with leading automobile suppliers to ensure environmental requirements of the customer. Torqeedo electric motor with power of 100 kW is able to silently move the boat to a distance of 30 miles at eight knots speed from battery power (four lithium batteries production BMW). During the sailing propulsion system, by contrast, would generate electricity by rotating turbine shaft under the action of the screw and turning the engine to the generator. Using an electric propulsion system for energy regeneration during sailing, the yacht can accommodate up to four days at anchor without connecting to the shoreline or launching two of its on-Board generators, the leadership of the firm.

And in yet another aspect of Spirit 111 is in step with the times — it refers to the possibility to sail by one only of its owner. Spirit 111 is one of the few superyacht, capable of cruising far swimming without the presence of a professional crew on Board, according to the shipyard. The company’s founder (and chief designer Sean McMillan) commented as follows: “the Creation of a single-masted wooden yacht that can be controlled with only one owner, is nothing short of an engineering feat.” (However, the question not only management and the entire management of a vessel of this size generally only forces the owner seems to be open as the feasibility of such a policy. Not to mention the fact that everyday care of wooden housing – that still work.)

The interior Spirit 111 was developed in partnership with Rhoades Young, which has developed the initial concept of the unique “bent” of the interior. Architect Jonathan Rhoads commented on it: “It was a great pleasure to work with a client that has incredible passion for exquisite design, combining a love for comfortable furniture and the “natural” architecture. The customer recently visited Antelope Canyon in Arizona, and this was the catalyst for the idea of “warm” curved bulkheads and panels that creates a unique appearance in the cabins”.

Many panels and bulkheads Spirit 111 are S-shaped and made of wood CIPO, teak and American walnut. The doors are made with hidden touch panels instead of visible door handles that provides a “smooth” line interior, not interrupted by small details.

All this adds up to an intelligent lighting system: the interior of the yacht is almost no switches; motion sensors turn on and off lights during the day. And at night, for example, sensors under the bed to discover that someone gets out of bed, and light the way to the nearest latrine.

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