In extreme conditions

January 24, 2019

      In extreme conditions
      Here is what the press service of the St. Petersburg school "Krestovsky Island" reports:

In extreme conditions

Today in the Spanish city of Torrevieja begins the regatta Trofeo Euromarina Optimist Torrevieja. The start of the first race is scheduled for 11 o'clock local time (13:00 Moscow time).

On the remaining days of the competition will begin at 10:00. If you believe the forecast, the regatta will be held in extreme conditions.

– Two days ago, the weather was different: the average wind, a broken wave, many of our athletes, including the leaders, could not rush into it for a long time, – says coach Ilya Elyshev. – But still we managed to hold two full-fledged training races with the teams of Holland, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland and Estonia, Argentina and Israel – only 60-70 boats. We drew attention to some of the nuances associated with starting and holding a position.

And yesterday the wind was already about 26-28 knots. Only a few countries went to the water, the rest decided to take care of the materiel. The Dutch, the Swiss, the Spaniards and the Poles took the risk, but many returned without sails, the coaches dragged the athletes in tow. The judges did not even conduct a practice flight due to strong winds.

We went to the water when the wind turned sour to 24 knots. In Russia, in such weather starts are not given, and training is also not always possible. Here, all rivals are well prepared for it. Therefore, we decided to go out and see how ready we were to race in such conditions. It turned out a kind of control rehearsal, because, according to the forecast for the regatta, in the first and second days – a strong wind of about 25 knots, in the third – a slight souring to 14 knots.

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