In Amsterdam, was awarded the best yacht builders in the

Presentation of the third annual award Boat Builders Awards was held on 13 November at the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). In the category “Best cooperation between the shipyard, the superyacht and its partners” award was won by Italian shipyard Ferretti Group. This year’s jury said the award her project 38,36-metre yacht Custom Line 120, to be exact — innovative glass door to the salon, designed in collaboration with Studio design Francesco Paczkowski (Francesco Paszkowski) and Mecaer Aviation Group.

Installed at an angle of 45 degrees the door can be push to side and lift in a niche near the ceiling. Both operations produce electric motors. Using this mechanism you can create from the cockpit and interior common space of 80 sq. m. the System also includes a non-reversing motor, which ensures safe operation of doors in case of malfunctions in the power system.

“Innovation is the door to the future. In our case, it is literally the door,” says Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi (Alberto Galassi).

In September in Cannes Custom Line 120 also received the World Yachts Trophie for the best exterior design of any yacht in its size.

In the same category for the creators of the yacht without the prefix “super” is the best example of cooperation was the partnership with Lewmar International Sunseeker and the Hanse Group in the development of glass roofs and Prestige Yachts when you create a pop-up window for a door on the patio.

For the best combination of interior and exterior yacht prize was awarded to a Polish shipyard Galeon. The jury noted the draft yachts 640 650 FLY and SKYDECK for the idea to open a windproof panel and visor of the bridge, making it visually merges with the interior area in the bow. Although Galeon is not first turned to this technique, the jury considered the embodiment of the idea especially attractive.

Best environmental initiative of the year was the superyacht Amer 94 from the Italian shipyard Amer Yachts. The fourth model shipyards were developed to minimize the environmental footprint from its production. She has two engines Volvo Penta IPS 1350 and lithium batteries. In addition, the yacht was installed high-performance variable speed generator. The hull has become easier due to the greater percentage of fiberglass using vacuum infusion. All these measures allowed to increase the range with a marked reduction in fuel consumption.

Standard teak deck on Amer 94 was cork, the textiles used on Board is made from recycled fabrics, and chemicals from fouling of the bottom of the vessel was replaced by a special underwater film. Thanks to all these and many other measures when creating yachts managed to significantly reduce harm to the environment.

“Rising star” by the Boat Builders Awards was named the head of the design Department of the British shipyards, Williams Jet Tenders Den Bloyce, Smith (Dan Bloice Smith). The nominees for this new award had to be no older than 35 years, working in a shipbuilding company and what kind of work they neither answered, they had to make a significant contribution to the development of the shipyard. Bloyce, Smith participated in the creation of 16 new models of Williams Jet Tenders in the past eight years. And all his development caught the fancy of the audience.

For his great contribution to the development of the industry in a lifetime prize Boat Builders Awards received a major shareholder and member of the Supervisory Board of Beneteau , Annette Roy (Annette Roux). Many years ago, she started to work in a traditional shipyard that built the vessel out of wood, and still continues to work for the benefit of the industry in one of the largest shipbuilding corporations in the world.

“If what we are seeing the results of this year’s awards reflects the situation in the industry as a whole, our industry has every reason to be optimistic for the prospects for innovation and growth in exciting new directions. Even if the world around us is changing,” — said the Chairman of the jury of Awards Boat Builder ed slak (Slack Ed).

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