How to stop the panic?

Rumors – a piece mysterious. And fraught. Especially if they have no truth.

Here, for example, in English Plymouth walks a rumor that the organizers of the famous Rolex Fastnet race have decided to change the place where this race ends. Always finished it in Plymouth, and now, they say, the finish will take place in France.

The people on this occasion, worries, panics and requires transfer to prevent. The city’s even a special website was created – to protect his race from all sorts of goofy innovations.

Question – from whom to protect? Because, in actual fact, there are no plans to postpone the finish of the race in France, the organiser, the Royal Ocean Racing Club (THE) – no. At all.

The Executive Director of THE Eddie Owen throws up his hands: “I don’t know where those rumors come from. And, worse, don’t know how to end them. No one will transfer the finish of the Rolex Fastnet race is not going to, even thought there are none. We are preparing the next race, which will take place August of next year, working closely with the city Council of Plymouth. But how to appease the fans?”

Really, how?

Just in case recall (although, sure, everybody knows): is the Rolex Fastnet in 1925. The start – Cowes, Isle of Wight. Away from the shores of Britain, the participants cross the Irish sea and into the waters of Ireland. The goal is to round the Fastnet rock. And then in the opposite way – with the finish line in Plymouth.

If you are going in 2019 to take part in the Rolex Fastnet race (and the Russian sailors are regular participants in the famous race), do not believe rumors, and in turn, do not panic. The route will not change. Tradition is a great thing.

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