HotTug is a boat and a Jacuzzi

How nice it is in one of the chilly evenings to take in the hot Jacuzzi – alone, maybe with family or friends. And did you ever, what would icy running water in the canal suddenly became the hot? Just imagine: the middle of winter, and you enjoy a warm bath under the open sky.

Seemingly a crazy idea, but in our time and this can not become a reality. A group of designers from the Netherlands presented an unprecedented project HotTug. Armed with its own engine, this incredible vehicle can go for a motorboat, however, first of all, this is what it looks like – the world’s first floating Jacuzzi.

HotTug is constructed from wood and reinforced with fiberglass. Maximum vessel length is 380 cm, width 230 cm, height 110 cm Draught at full load – assume this refers to the cheerful company, a few bottles of champagne and snacks – is 90 cm.

The motion of the ship is carried out by MinnKota electric motor with a capacity of 2.4 KW, providing a maximum speed of 5 km/h Engine as a stove, battery powered, service life of which is from 2.5 to 8 hours optional.

The stove is located in the bow, made of stainless steel, has tube with double walls. The pipe height is 145 cm, and since the developers seriously do not exclude the possibility of the passage of the boat-Jacuzzi under the low city bridges, in optional collapsible tube with a height of 85 cm.

The bath volume of 1800 liters. The speed of heating water is ± 8° C per hour maximum water temperature of 38° C.

Project HotTug not more than one year. Its Creator is a group of designers from the company Supergoed, led by Frank de Bruijn (Frank de Bruijn). In September 2014 the boat-Jacuzzi visited the yacht exhibition Hiswa in Amsterdam, where it was greeted with great attention; today, the project is ready for serial production. Frank de Bruijn in his interviews keeps repeating that his ambitions will be satisfied when the HotTub will be a common sight in holiday homes, campsites and saunas around the world.


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