Horizon Yachts has set a world record in composite shipbuilding

“Daughter” of the Taiwanese shipyard, Atech Composites specializing in composite shipbuilding has completed the simultaneous infusion 42,7 meter casing and stiffeners of motor Horizon EP140.

For the project used a vacuum infusion method and a proprietary method of 3D-flow resin that allows you to create ribs at the same time with the body. It makes the boat more light, and more sturdy.

These achievements look quite natural, when we remember that at the turn of the century, in 2000, experts of Horizon Yachts was the first in Asiawho started to use the technology of vacuum infusion SCRIMP to create a seamless cast housings (the method itself doesn’t SCRIMP appeared in the 1990s in the US). The shipyard had once set such a world record: in 2005, the team of Horizon Yachts managed for once to tformabout a 41.5-metre long case for Horizon pp. 130 Miss Rose. Among sailing yachts, the title of the record belongs created in 2010 by Oyster Marine / 38 m Oyster 125.

“Continuous testing the technology for two decades has led to the fact that it now allows Horizon to solve any problem and at one time to produce a mold of any type,” proudly declare to Horizon Yachts.

Apart from the purely practical benefits, the improvement of technology has allowed to reduce emissions of harmful volatile organic compounds when creating a boat almost 80%.

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