Here are the Americans give!

June 2, 2019

      Here are the Americans give!

Less than five months before the start of the first World Beach Games, the American San Diego refused to hold them. The program of these Games included 15 sports, including, we emphasize, and kiteboarding competitions.

Here are the Americans give!

The initiator of the World Beach Games was the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC). In 2015, a competition of cities was held, and San Diego won then from other candidates, among which were Sarasota (USA), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), our Sochi and a certain city from China.

And now, when only a few months left before the start of the competition (they were supposed to pass from October 10 to 15), the American organizers decided to abandon all their obligations. Explaining this by saying that they, they say, never managed to find a general sponsor who would have laid out $ 20 million to support the Games. Agree, the situation is highly scandalous.

As reported by the agency "R-Sport", athletes from more than 70 countries were selected to participate in the first World Beach Games in history. It was planned that about 1.3 thousand athletes would take part in the competitions in total.

And now, because of the decision of the San Diego Organizing Committee, the holding of these Games was a big question. The Association of National Olympic Committees, however, hopes to find a way out. It seems that negotiations have already begun with representatives of several Asian cities, who have shown interest and are ready to hold the first World Beach Games in the past.

Only until October is only a few months. Is it possible to organize something worthy in this short time?

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