Heesen started construction of the first boat of the new series 5000 Aluminium

At the Heesen facility in the Dutch city of OSS has started the construction of 50-meter motor yacht Project YN 18950 Aquamarine. The process will take at least two years: it is assumed that the owner of the boat will be in January 2021.

For the hydrodynamic characteristics of the hulls of the new model series 5000 Aluminium, which owns Aquamarine, meet the naval architects from Heesen and Van Oossanen Naval Architects. The series will feature improved efficiency.

By raising the transom and a more streamlined hull performance has improved by 12%.

Qualitatively change this setting also helped the decision to “drown” screws in the bottom of the boat. On the one hand, this should reduce cavitation, on the other — to raise the screws in the models 5000 Aluminium is higher than in other series, and to reduce draught. In particular, the Aquamarine it will only 2.15 metres, allowing comfortable walking in the area of the Bahamas and the Mediterranean.

To disperse 5000 Aluminium boats are environmentally friendly ocean-going engines MTU 16V 4000M 65L. Their main advantage — the presence of systems to reduce exhaust emissions (selective catalytic reduction) reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides. The generators will be installed soot filters.

Aquamarine will BE the first model of high-speed Heesen yachts up to 500 gross tons, the appropriate standard of international Maritime organization Tier III, introduced in 2016.

So 5000 Aluminium has implemented the concept of Heesen in which the steps for compliance for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases do not affect the speed and performance of boats.

Aquamarine will have a top speed of 23 knots. At cruise speed of 11 knots it will be up to 3,100 nautical miles. Optimal dynamic balance of the boat at high speeds will provide a couple of spoilers.

Exterior Aquamarine-developed by Omega Architects.

“Integrated design of hull and superstructure, which was first embodied in the construction of the legendary 65-metre Galactica Star, gives the yacht’s profile a strong character,” says the founder of the Studio Frank laupman (Frank Laupman).

The aft deck of the boat raised up to free up more space under the garage for tenders, which combined with a beach club. He, in turn, flows smoothly into the swim platform at water level.

The rescue tender was moved to the bow of the Aquamarine: it is installed in front of the control cabin and closed the lid, so as not to introduce imbalance in the contours of the vessel.

The boat can accommodate 12 guests. They will live in four spacious, well-ventilated cabins on the lower deck. The master cabin is located forward on the main deck. Maximum width of the Aquamarine — nine meters.

Quiet interior Aquamarine, which is dominated by Japanese motifs came up with Cristiano Gatto (Cristiano Gatto).

The second boat in the line of 5000 Aluminium will be the model 18750. It is known that Aquamarine will distinguish the presence on the midsection of the fifth VIP-guest cabins and a large draught (2.51 m).

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