Happy Birthday, Dragons!


      Happy Birthday, Dragons!
      Only a few hours are left before the start of the first race of the anniversary regatta in San Remo dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Dragon class. It is attended by 162 crews from more than two dozen countries on four continents. Russia is represented by 15 teams.

Happy Birthday, Dragons!

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The participants are divided into two fleets (81 teams each). After four qualifying races, the competition will continue in the Gold and Silver Fleets.

Yesterday in the San Remo Yacht Club the grand opening of the regatta took place, which was attended by all the teams and numerous guests. The President of the International Dragon Class Association Vasily Senatorov, addressing those present, emphasized: “Here, in San Remo, I have a feeling that we are present at the birthday party. Almost all of those who are related to our class of yachts have arrived here, and an amazing friendly atmosphere reigns here. Well, happy birthday, Dragons!

We repeat: before the start of the first race (in total two are planned today) – only a few hours. Good luck to the Russian crews – and to everyone else!

P.S. Well, they jinxed it: because of the too strong wind, the race today, on Monday, had to be canceled. What to do … Let's wait …

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