Guyon again went for the record

The famous French skipper Francis Guiana can not sit still. Most recently, on 8 November, it set a world record, going Maxi-trimaran IDEC SPORT from Port-Louis in Brittany to the other Port Louis, Mauritius. And now again went on a long journey.

This time the purpose of Guiana – Ho Chi Minh city, the largest city of Vietnam, which is 4000 miles. The trimaran will, after leaving Mauritius (it happened today, in 8 hours 49 minutes 59 seconds Moscow time), to cross the Indian ocean, pass Soundskin Strait between the Islands of Java and Sumatra, then cross the South China sea and to go to the Mekong Delta.

If the previous journey Guion made a solo, now he helps the crew of 4 people. “I’m glad that in this adventure with me will be my team. We will pass places, where every step you can encounter with a fishing boat or a tree trunk, so to monitor the ocean will be in ten eyes,” says the skipper.

According to the plans of IDEC SPORT will finish in Ho Chi Minh city 16 – 16-a-half days. You will then transfer Ho Chi Minh – Hong Kong – 920 miles. Finally, Gwion and To try to improve the world record for the classic distance races of tea – 13,000 miles from Hong Kong to London.

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