Greenline 48 Coupe. The Prime Minister in January!

In January of 2019 at the international exhibition of boats and yachts in düsseldorf premiere of motor yacht Greenline 48 versions of the Coupe.

“Market research and numerous requests have prompted us to develop the model, the Greenline 48 Coupe that offer a high level of comfort on Board with the concept One Level Living and more freedom. Freedom in terms of what you don’t need to constantly look for yacht clubs and marinas to connect to shore power. 48 Coupe is equipped with an impressive 2.4 kW solar panels located on the roof. They provide the yacht with electricity equivalent to a small generator. No noise and vibration, and emissions not only brings new experience from sailing, but also makes boating more safe for the environment. And it is absolutely unique feature of the yacht Greenline”, — said the head of sales and marketing Greenline Yachts Muffle Luke (Luca Meffle).


Choice of three different types of furniture allows you to truly adapt Greenline 48 Coupe to the specific desires of the buyer. The free space can be additionally upgraded using a variety of devices, materials and colors that will suit almost any taste and requirements.

New 48 Coupe is equipped with a full westbrom installed on the transom. Accessible from the bathing platform, a bar equipped with grill, sink and countertop. Great place for a memorable dinner overlooking the picturesque Bay. In turn, the hydraulic platform comes in two sizes and makes it easier to pull a small inflatable tender.

HDrive or diesel

Greenline yachts are pioneers in the field of hybrid systems (HDrive). The hybrid drive consists of electric motors with a capacity of 2 x 14 kW with built-in generators (2 x 10 kW) and diesel engines Volvo Penta D3 (2 x 220 HP). On electricity 48 Coupe is able to go through about 20 nautical miles at a speed of 6 knots (power Li-Po battery is 40 kWh). When you turn on a diesel Volvo Penta boat accelerated to 15 knots.

Alternatively, the buyer can withdraw from the HDrive and install two 480-horsepower Cummins engine. The maximum speed in this case will increase to 30 knots.

230 V at any time

Regardless of whether you have chosen Hdrive or not, the outlets are on Board the yacht will always be 220 or 110 V AC. Standard 48 Coupe the package Greenline High Standard, which includes battery 600 Ah, inverter 3 kW, and a powerful solar panel on the roof. This allows us to achieve the level of comfort of much larger yachts, but to get rid of noisy generators.

The yacht Greenline, including 48 Coupe, equipped with the usual appliances: fridge, standard size freezer, home, induction hobs, microwave, standard outlets, so no need for adapters for the cigarette lighter that you usually forget at home or in the car to charge phones and tablets. You will be amazed at how comfortable and convenient can be a yacht.


The galley, located aft, is not just another feature of the yacht, it is primarily a relationship between two important areas on Board: the cockpit and cabin. The salon includes a large U-shaped dining area with lounge. Special attention was paid to the ergonomics of the space captain: now devices are becoming more accessible, and the side door provides the best visibility and ease of maneuvering in marinas.

Following the concept of One level living, the engineers of the shipyard sought to minimize the number of stairs on all models of Greenline, therefore, the lower deck 48 Coupe is just four steps below the salon, galley and cockpit, which is absolutely unique for a yacht of this size.

The lower deck offers a 3-cabin layout with the master cabin in the bow and two guest aft. Of course, not counting the cabins of the captain in the cockpit. Shower aft on the starboard side combined with a shared toilet, while the other two cabins have a separate shower. Also the buyer can choose the layout with only two enlarged bathrooms. In the main cabin are either twin beds with a new scissor mechanism or double king size bed with a spacious wardrobe and a shower cabin separated from the bathroom.


World premiere of the new Greenline 48 Coupe will take place at the exhibition boot Dusseldorf. By the way, it is worth noting that in 2019 Greenline will present the largest exhibition of yachts for all time of participation in the Dusseldorf boat show. For questions appointment to inspect the yacht, and receive complimentary tickets, please contact the specialists Nord Star Yachting is the official dealer of Greenline Yachts in Saint-Petersburg and North-West region of Russia.

On the shipyard Greenline Yachts

Today, the range of the shipyard comprises Yachts Greenline hybrid motor yachts from 33 to 96 feet, and is the largest hybrid fleet in the world. The history of the brand starts in 2007 when the company Seaway Group prepared the first draft of the cruise boats under the brand name Greenline. These are relatively inexpensive and economical production of yachts with the original hull Superdisplacement suggest the possibility of installing hybrid propulsion systems with alternative energy generators. The first hybrid yacht, the Greenline 33 has received a number of awards for innovation, winning the hearts not only of jury, but also buyers.


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