Gracheva and Druzhinin again at a distance


      Gracheva and Druzhinin again at a distance
      Here is what Irina Gracheva said a few hours ago on her Facebook page:

Gracheva and Druzhinin again at a distance

Right now the race TROPHEE MARIE-AGNES PERON 2019 starts! For Russia in the race are two skippers:

– in the Irina Gracheva Racing Mini-Transat 2019 serial fleet, board No. 579, project MANUARD Tip-Top. Irina gracheva
– in the proto-fleet Fedor Druzhinin Mini-Transat 2019, board number 759, project MANUARD. Fedor Druzhinin
We continue to gain momentum!

In connection with the cyclone passing right along the route, it was decided to greatly reduce the race, and instead of 220 miles we will go strange 80.

Nevertheless, the race will be difficult – on the second half of the route we expect a serious gain, which will once again test us for strength. Rain, cold and wind again, we are so bored!

The fight will not be only between rivals – to arrive as early as possible to the finish line is vital! And those who are unlucky are expected to have 40-50 knots in the bay in the early morning of Friday, the show will start at around 5 in the morning.

In this case, the start will be on a weak synoptic wind, with thermals. And in the middle of the route – generally failure and standing.

My polar shows 17 hours on the road, but excluding currents. If everything goes well, then I should arrive at the finish around 01.00-02.00 of June 7, before gain. Hold the cams for me!

About the race:
– Organizer: Winches Club
– Website:
– Maximum number of participants – 84
– Category: C
– OSR category: 3
– Crew: 1 (solo)
– Distance, nautical miles: 220 (changed to 80 miles)
– Coefficient: 1.5
– Start Date: June 6, 2019 – 08:00
– Award Ceremony and Dinner: – June 7, 2019

This is one of the stages of the French championship in sailing at offshore distances for singles.
(Championnat de France Course au Solitaire).

Cheer for us, follow our progress! Tracking link –

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