Good luck, guys!

Today in Gdynia (Poland) will host the first race of the world championship World Sailing. In the regatta attended 409 young sailors from 66 countries.

Page RUS Youth Sailing Team on Facebook called the national team of Russia:

RS:X – Yan Reznikov;
“Laser-radial” – Sergey Doroshenko and Alexander Lukoyanov;
420 – Michael Sakowski/ Igor Malewski and Anastasia Sumarokov/ Polina Sukhova;
29th – Ilya Chuprin/ Brovin Rodion and Victoria Lisanova/ Pauline Peresypkina;
“Nakra 15” – Anastasia Mayorova/ Nikolay Goryainov.

All teams received equipment provided by the organizers and was able to try it out on the waters of Gdynia.

Traditionally, classes 420 and 29th women’s and men’s crews will use one boat at a time.

Good luck, guys! We are rooting for you!

P. S. In anticipation of the first release on the race of the world championship on the terrain the same page RUS Youth Sailing Team told senior coach of national team Anastasia Chernova.

“Gdynia is different difficult weather conditions, which confirms the forecast. This week are expected to be both strong and very weak wind, changing directions. Let’s hope our athletes can do it! The World Sailing world championship is a special competition and is the format of the Olympic games – only one party can represent their country in each class. We have this year a big team, all the guys have passed internal selection, and I have no doubt that they will do everything possible to show their maximum result. Maintain and support our team! Guys are highly motivated and waiting for the first starts! We begin!”, -said Anastasia Chernova.

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