Golovkin comes in third

The press service of the Sailing school “Krestovskiy Ostrov” reports on how Canada is a world championship in the class “Laser 4.7”:

Three races – the third place. Dmitry Golovkin successfully launched at the world championship in the class “Laser 4.7”, which is in Kingston (Canada). The Parishes Of Dmitry – 1, 3, 3.

As many points as Golovkin (7) – the Turk of Derin of Batura, which takes the second position. The leader of the Croat Roko of Stipanovich – 3 points.

The regatta takes lake Ontario, where in 1976 the Olympic games were held. In total, the competition involved 185 athletes from 35 countries of the world.

All results here

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