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Season 2019 BRP has updated line of snowmobiles Lynx, including interesting and relevant for universal model 49 Ranger.

For the first time to sit behind the wheel of a 49 Ranger, I had the opportunity a few years ago during an expedition to the Peninsula Rybachiy, which involved different models of snowmobiles Lynx and Ski-Doo — from a severe “scraps” to a blistering “Hirnyky”. Snow in that period was a little bit — tried to strong winds, so the path had to constantly Dodge around naked boulders and fragments of rock, often on slopes. When in this mode going for hours, then seek to “ride” a snowmobile responsive to the steering and the weight transfer of the rider, comfortable for driving sitting or standing and also allows you not only to move confidently on a solid track, but not to sink in the deep snow of the gully. This machine was Lynx 49 Ranger, and the demand for it among his colleagues in the expedition was great.

In an effort to more clearly define the target audience of each group of models, BRP is positioning 49 Ranger as the snowmobile all-terrain in which elements of mountain and utilitarian machines combined with light weight and ease of management. Season 2019 Lynx design finalized 49 Ranger and introduced two new modifications of this model. We are largely interested in the Pro package, which is great for riding in tourist mode when not needed to haul heavy sleds and boost the impregnable appearance of the slopes at high altitude. So, what is this snowmobile new and than it threatens?

  • Caterpillar medium length comfortable on the full track and allows you to get into the snow

  • Steering wheel and controls 49 Ranger Pro has inherited from mountain models

First of all, 49 Ranger Pro has received a new platform Radien-X and a more powerful 4-stroke motor Rotax 900 ACE 95 HP But the most interesting — to complete the Pro can be selected and a new lighter 2-stroke Rotax 600R E-Tec (600 CC), if, say, your routes will lie mostly in the mountains. It is more responsive, while the consumption of oil and fuel is “calm” chetyrehkantnye Rotax 600 ACE.

In both modifications there is a radiator with a fan, so the temperature of engine under control of automation. Despite the fact that the front and rear suspension have 49 Ranger remains the same, at the expense of the new platform has improved the weight distribution apparatus, load distribution on the skis close to uniform. In addition, engineers have updated the reverse gear mechanism, equipping it with additional sensors included transmission, and increased comfort of the rider due to the rounding of the side panels of the hood, improving windbreaks and integration of the heating plug sockets of the helmet.

49 Ranger initially was exclusively for single snowmobile, but now the seat configuration Pro bit extended and expanded in the back, effectively making it polutorapolnymi. This will allow you to “throw” a medium-sized passenger or, for example, take for a walk my husky. If a second person is necessary to carry constantly, then the package options are Touring double seat with backrest, rear view mirrors. Left neglected and a purely utilitarian things: behind the seat above the tunnel provides mounting points roomy boxes, trunk, and rear bumper — tow hook.

This time the tests updated 49 Ranger took place in the vicinity Sheregesh: the quality and amount of snow these places are in the top five the best mountain snowmobiles. Here, in contrast to fishing, everyone wants to “jump” on Ski-Doo Summit or Lynx Boondocker to you planning on slitting on the heels of the snow on the slopes. However, 49 Ranger and then not look like an outsider. Of course, to climb it to the top will not work, but drank the snow at the foot (especially with the 600R E-Tec) it even happens. But it is better to be on the eve of an interesting route to go see this marvelous beauty of the edge, knowing that at the end of the day I have strength and desire to get back behind the wheel of the Ranger.

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