GGR: “pit stop” Russian Igor Zaretsky will be delayed indefinitely

Russian participant in the round the world regatta single Golden Globe Race Igor Zaretsky temporarily suspend participation in the competition for medical reasons.

According to data published in the yachtsman in Facebook, it may require surgery.

The evening of 10 December, the captain went to the Australian port of Albanyto clean your boat “Esmeralda” from the dense layer of goose barnacles, which occupied the bottom to replace the broken forestay and repair sails. At this point, according to the rules of the competition, he went to class Chichester.

Support team that helped the Russians during the stay, invited him to take the opportunity to conduct “inspection” and for himself. The results of the survey were disappointing: doctors strongly recommend Zaretsky to come to Moscow.

“I’m not taking the boat. It turned out that I need to undergo another medical examination. Although before the race they were conducted — apparently, something was missed. I have some time to go to Russia to remove all questions about health. This does not affect the whole race process. Although the race now it will be difficult to call, but I have to walk to the Le Sabre. Chichester then “rest” for 48 days, so I have plenty of time to deal with them, deal with the boat. I will go out into the ocean as quickly as possible. It all depends on circumstances,” said the sailor in his video.

The organizing Committee of the race agreed to allow the Russian to finish the race in the class Chichester, when health permits him to do so. “Esmeralda” will be in Albany and will be waiting for its owner to continue the journey around Cape horn and finish in the French Les Sables d’olonne, where on July 1 of this year’s participants appeared around the world.

“Some say that the old navigation… etc., etc. All these factors did not affect the good marine practice. If people adhered to good marine practice, probably half of them did not happen capsize. These are the conditions of the race, which was offered by the organizers and which we all accepted. To discuss them now, in my opinion, it makes no sense. Nobody is seriously discussing the size of the hook on the stick of the hockey player why he is, and not the other. And here. The guys that are in the ocean, I wish that they were consistent with good marine practice and that will not happen any misunderstanding,” added Zaretsky.

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